Biblical & Theological Studies B.A. & Master of Divinity M.Div. (3+2 Program)

Program: Biblical and Theological Studies B.A. & Master of Divinity M.Div (3+2 Program)

School(s):  School of Ministry

Our mission is to equip students just like you to fulfill their calling and make a difference for the kingdom of God. The Accelerated Ministry Preparation (AMP) Program offers you the opportunity to do exactly that, while earning your B.A. and M.Div. degrees in as little as five years. The AMP Program is an innovative and rigorous seminary education that is gospel-centered and includes study of the Bible, biblical languages, history, theology and practical ministry. 


What Can I Do With This Degree?

  • Ministerial leadership within local churches or parachurch groups
  • Writing and speaking within the church or parachurch context
  • Inter-cultural service, both domestic and abroad
  • Lay leadership within the church
  • Further academic pursuits

Program Details

Distinctively PBA 

The School of Ministry is all about equipping. We equip passionate young people with the earthly tools and spiritual perspective needed to create positive change in the world guided by the Word of God. We promise a connected, engaging and fulfilling learning experience that will equip you to use your gifts for His Glory. Our programs prepare students through expert instruction in Bible, theology, history and real-world ministry skills. PBA’s multi-cultural, multi-denominational environment is the perfect to prepare our seminary students for dynamic gospel ministries in an ever-changing world. 

As a student majoring in any of the graduate programs offered in the School of Ministry, you’ll wade into an ocean of diverse learning opportunities designed to prepare you to positively impact lives.

  • Gain specialized training in ministry
  • Experience spiritual growth with a deeper understanding of God and His Word
  • Practice your ministry abilities through internships, practicum experiences and field service activities
  • Learn in a supportive community

4 + 3 = 5!

A traditional undergraduate degree usually takes four years to complete, and a standard M.Div. degree takes an additional three years, for a total of seven years. At PBA you can choose from three B.A. options (Intercultural Studies, Biblical and Theological Studies and Ministry) and a M.Div. in as few as five years, just one year beyond a traditional bachelor's degree. This streamlined M.Div. degree is possible because PBA does not repeat introductory courses from the undergraduate level (as most seminaries do). Instead, we offer advanced-level courses from the very beginning of the M.Div. degree. Because our M.Div. also includes a substantial apprenticeship, students finish seminary confident in their education and experience and eager to launch out into the ministry to which God has called them. 

Our Accelerated Ministry Preparation Program is on the cutting edge of undergraduate and seminary education in several ways: 

  • A combined B.A. (in the School of Ministry) and M.Div. that came be completed in as few as five years, thus being a very time and cost-effective solution to the challenge of student debt
  • An advanced seminary education that builds on solid undergraduate preparation in theology and ministry without repeating introductory courses
  • An innovative seminary education that integrates its curriculum (e.g. 1 Corinthians and Pastoral Leadership) and thus combines knowledge, skills and character for effective ministerial training
  • An academic and practical degree that includes a substantive apprenticeship (10-15 hours per week) under the direct supervision of a practicing minister, which provides valuable hands-on experience.

Why Study Ministry in Florida?

PBA is located in one of the most beautiful places in the world. But don't only apply here for our location. There are many other reasons why South Florida is the ideal location to live, learn, serve and experience your spiritual growth: 

  • Variety of churches to learn from and to serve - small churches and mega churches; a multiplicity of denominations; urban, suburban, and rural churches; and a variety of multi-cultured and ethnic churches
  • An unreached region- a large mission field where 50% of the 1.3 million residents in Palm Beach County do not attend a Christian church
  • Expansive ministry network- through which we have partnerships with more than 60 churches and parachurch ministries, providing platforms for combining academics and experience
  • The cities of Palm Beach and West Palm Beach- where you'll thrive in an environment full of healthful living, unparalleled activities and events and yes, what we feel is the most beautiful weather in the country 

Did you know?

Your professors at PBA's School of Ministry wrote the book(s)!

You’ll learn from respected scholars and theologians, many of whom wrote the textbooks you’ll use in your studies (and that are used extensively at other colleges and universities).


How does the M.Div. 3+2 Program really work? : A student majors in either Biblical & Theological Studies, Intercultural Studies or Ministry and completes the 91 prescribed undergraduate credits during their first three years at PBA. Upon successful completion of these credits and a GPA of 3.25 or more, a student begins M.Div. courses during his/her fourth year. 

What do I get with my B.A. degree? : You will graduate once you complete all 91 prescribed undergraduate credits for your major, plus accumulate a total of 120 undergraduate and/or graduate credits. For most students, this occurs at the end of their fourth year. 

What is PBA School of Ministry's doctrinal stance? : The Master of Divinity Program teaches the spectrum of strong conservative evangelical thought, as reflected by the World Evangelical Alliance. The program challenges students to wrestle with what they believe, articulate and defend what they believe and effectively apply their beliefs to life and ministry. Read about Palm Beach Atlantic's guiding principles here


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Tuition & Fees

PBA awards over three million dollars in scholarships every year and 97% of PBA undergraduate students receive financial aid. 

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"I left more equipped as a pastor and more aware of who I am in Christ. As I work with the pastors at my local church, I contribute more, serve more and continue to grow." Ty McMillian, M.Div. '15