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All PBA students have an opportunity to use 9 elective credit hours (plus an internship) to earn the Concentration in Franchising. Franchising is a worldwide phenomenon and franchise companies seek well educated college graduates to become employees and franchisees. The Titus Center is unique in education. Few universities offer courses in franchising and only PBA offers a Concentration in Franchising which is recorded on the graduate's transcript. The Concentration enhances any college major and the Concentration is not restricted to business majors. PBA students who wish to earn the Concentration can begin by completing a declaration form available in the Rinker School of Business dean’s office or at Titus Center for Franchising. To discuss your opportunities in franchising please visit the Titus Center and meet with the center’s staff.

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2024 Graduates
Concentration in Franchising

PBA’s 2024 commencement class included 11 students who earned the Concentration in Franchising. The concentration is not a degree but it is listed on a graduate’s transcript. Graduates who earned the Concentration in Franchising were honored during the April 2024 Titus Center Advisory Board meeting with more than 100 franchise professionals attending. Graduates received a certificate of completion from the Titus Center. To honor the graduates, PBA alumnus Branden Grimshaw, a member of the Advisory Board, delivered a message of congratulations.

What Can I Do with This Concentration?

Thousands of franchise companies as well as multi-unit franchisees seek to hire candidates who have an education in franchising. However, very few universities provide any education in franchising thus creating an opportunity for graduates of PBA’s Titus Center for Franchising. You can choose any major at PBA and include the Concentration in Franchising using your elective credit hours. With those credentials the Titus Center can help you find employment. There are opportunities in marketing, management, finance, accounting, international business, HR, training, administration, etc. However, many graduates of our program prefer to own a business, and the Concentration teaches you the steps to follow to acquire a franchise opportunity.

Concentration Details

PBA is unique. No other university that we’re aware of offers a Concentration in Franchising. One other university offers a major in franchising. Several universities offer courses in franchising. However, Titus Center is closely aligned with the franchise community. Guest speakers, usually more than 12 per semester, develop ongoing relationships with our students, and offer internships and jobs. Titus Center has a professional Advisory Board that includes more than 40 franchisors, franchisees and suppliers—most of whom take an interest in developing our students and helping them after graduation. Most of our students plan to own their own business, and our Concentration prepares them for that opportunity. We also have scholarships available and will launch a loan program that will provide up to $300,000 for a student/graduate who buys a franchise. The opportunities we provide are simply not available elsewhere.


To earn the Concentration in Franchising you need to complete 12 credit hours as follows:

  1. BFR 2123 Principles of Franchising 3 Credit Hours. This course is offered online.
  2. BFR 3123 Franchise Creative Ventures 3 Credit Hours.
  3. BFR 4123 Franchise Management & Operations 3 Credit Hours.
  4. BUSV 4713 Franchise Internship 3 Credit Hours.

Use your elective hours in your degree program to complete the Concentration in Franchising.


Learn more about your classes and requirements in the course catalog.

PBA awards over three million dollars in scholarships every year and 97% of PBA undergraduate students receive financial aid.

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Prepared for Success

Cole Gehman, Class of ’23, Major: Marketing

I have just wrapped up my internship with Jack Day and Steve Popper (Titus Center Advisory Board members) at Meals of Hope and it was an amazing experience.

The internship with Meals of Hope was unique to any other internship that I have had, as I gained valuable experience in marketing, sales, and franchising. Jack trusted me to work directly with potential clients in the New England area, so I gained real-world sales experience as an intern. Jack and Steve also provided the flexibility for me to pick my own hours for the summer and work remotely. I also had the opportunity to take creative initiative and pitch new ideas. I cannot speak highly enough about the fantastic leadership team at Meals of Hope, and I am looking forward to seeing the impact they have on the franchising community in the years to come.

I would highly recommend this internship experience to any Titus Center student who is interested in working for a great cause while gaining valuable real-world experience in franchising, sales, marketing, and operations.

Aaron Rose, Class of ’19, Director of Operations at ResiBrands in Round Rock, TX

Aaron Rose“As a graduate of the Titus Center for Franchising, I can confidently say that this program has equipped me with the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career in franchising. Their comprehensive and practical education gave me a thorough understanding of the industry and its practices, from both a franchisor and franchisee perspective. The center’s connections with franchising executives from all around the world provided me with extremely valuable networking opportunities and insights into the latest trends and challenges in the field and also gave me the chance to get plugged into the franchising world and gain practical experience that has been invaluable in my career. I would highly recommend the Titus Center for Franchising to anyone looking to enter this exciting and dynamic field. In three short years after graduating, I have the privilege of serving an emerging franchising conglomerate as their Director of Operations. I can say with certainty, if you apply yourself and take advantage of the networking opportunities, world-class internships, and resources available through the Titus Center, it will catalyze your career in franchising, just as it did mine.”

Alianna Marino, Class of ’24, Major: Business Administration

Alliana Marino“I am a raving fan of Palm Beach Atlantic University because of the opportunities the Titus Center for Franchising has offered to me. With the Titus Center of Franchising, I have been able to connect with my classmates, other successful business operators and owners, as well as my professor, at a more intense level. This has helped me develop skills outside of the classroom. Some opportunities and experiences that I have had are going to professional networking events with franchise executives, franchise conventions, symposia, and franchise company locations to gain real world and hands on experiences. These are practices that you are not prone to get at other universities.”

Carson Quinn, Class of ’24, Major: Finance

Carson Quinn“The franchise concentration has been a blessing to my college career since day one. Through the program, I have learned everything there is to know about franchising including what defines a franchise, the meaning of the items within the Franchise Disclosure Document, the importance of the Franchise Fee, and how a franchisor operates their company for the benefit of the franchisees. Even more monumental is the exposure to private networking events, conventions, internships, and scholarships. I definitely recommend the concentration in franchising because it will boost your business life and acumen. . . . I am a second-generation Jupiter native who loves the beach and Chick-fil-A. I am currently studying finance and will graduate with my bachelor’s in May 2024 and then pursue a master’s degree in the fall right after. I am involved in various activities on campus including FinTech and Student Government. My career goal is to work for JP Morgan or own a Chick-fil-A.”

Matthew Cancino, Class of ’23, Major: Management

Matthew Cancino“I cannot begin to express the effectiveness of the Concentration in Franchising and how grateful I am to have participated in it. Before crossing paths with Palm Beach Atlantic’s center for franchising I could have never imagined the incredible opportunities that franchising offers. Beyond the exceptional professional development opportunities, what truly sets the Titus Center apart is the sense of community it creates. Titus Center for Franchising is more than just an educational institution; it is a life-changing experience. To anyone considering the Titus Center for Franchising, I wholeheartedly endorse this transformative institution. Prepare to embark on a remarkable journey that will not only shape your career but also leave an indelible mark on your heart and soul.”

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