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Are you called into business, science, the arts, law, politics or education? An apologetics minor might be right for you!

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Why Minor in Apologetics at PBA?

Apologetics—which comes from the Greek word meaning “defense” (apologia)—is the sub-discipline in theology and philosophy that helps Christians know and show the truth, goodness, and beauty of Christianity. It involves answering objections raised against the reasonableness and desirability of Christianity as well as offering positive reasons for believing Christianity is true to the way the world is (i.e., reasonable) and true to the way the world ought to be (that is, desirable). This undergraduate minor in apologetics aims to equip students to know and show the truth, goodness, and beauty of Christianity.

School of Ministry Courses

You’ll complete 15 credit hours in the following courses:

  • Faith and Science
  • Evil, Suffering, and Doubt
  • Philosophy of Relig
  • Cultural Apologetics
  • Evangelism & Apologetics

Elective School of Ministry Courses

Choose one of the following three electives:

  • Spiritual Formation
  • Interpreting the Old Testament
  • Interpreting the New Testament

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About the School of Ministry

The School of Ministry is all about equipping. We equip passionate young people with the earthly tools and spiritual perspective needed to create positive change in the world guided by the Word of God. We promise a connected, engaging and fulfilling learning experience that will equip you to use your gifts for His Glory. Our programs prepare students through expert instruction in Bible, theology, history and real-world ministry skills.

As a student majoring in any of the undergraduate programs offered in the School of Ministry, you’ll wade into an ocean of diverse learning opportunities designed to prepare you to positively impact lives.

  • Gain specialized training in ministry
  • Experience spiritual growth with a deeper understanding of God and His Word
  • Practice your ministry abilities through internships, practicum experiences and field service activities
  • And travel on any of PBA’s more than 20 annual mission trips

PBA awards over three million dollars in scholarships every year and 97% of PBA undergraduate students receive financial aid.

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The School of Ministry

Lead with faith, learn to use your gifts for God, and become a world-changer in PBA’s School of Ministry.

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