Forensic Science, B.S.

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Pursue truth and justice through the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Forensic Science degree program at Palm Beach Atlantic University. In more than a dozen lab courses and other hands-on learning opportunities, discover new aspects of the world and your vocation within it.

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Why Major in Forensic Science at PBA?

Uncover truths that change lives and influence justice with a Bachelor’s in Forensic Science degree. The core of forensic science is applying natural sciences to matters of law—a challenging, delicate mandate that requires robust scientific knowledge alongside sincere ethical, moral, and legal considerations. Palm Beach Atlantic centers these values in all that we do, drawing on Christ’s commands of love and respect to inform our work in the world.

  • Rigorous Science Base: Establish broad competencies across biology, chemistry, genetics, biochemistry, and more.
  • Faith-Filled Forensics: Only a few Christian universities offer a forensic science program, and we are the first in Florida to award B.S. in Forensic Science degrees.
  • Laboratory-Focused Learning: Take a minimum of 13 lab courses as you learn to understand and investigate the natural world.
  • Prime Location: Our Palm Beach County location offers crucial connections for internship placements and real-world practice.

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What You’ll Learn

The forensic science major will prepare you to:

  • Demonstrate accurate and precise measurements
  • Describe basic concepts within forensic science
  • Formulate hypotheses for collected data
  • Define basic terminology in the forensic science discipline.


“Relationships with my professors is one of the best investments I made and one of the greatest benefits of attending PBA.”

John Barrios ’15

Natural Sciences Programs at PBA

Look toward your future with a Christian perspective on natural sciences, mathematics, computer science, and psychology. This department within the School of Liberal Arts & Sciences offers hard-to-find undergraduate majors like biological chemistry, connects you with one of the country’s top economic regions, and gives you access to remarkable field locations like Lake Worth Lagoon and the Everglades. You’ll also have opportunities to join our student-led Science, Marine Biology, Mathematics, and Pre-Health clubs. 

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Program Details

Throughout the 120-credit-hour forensic science major, you will learn to identify, individualize, and evaluate physical evidence at crime scenes and for matters of the law. Establish a rigorous basis in natural sciences and practice using observations of physical phenomena to craft arguments and draw conclusions about legal scenarios. PBA’s uniquely biblical perspective on ethical and scientific matters will shape your ability to seek truth and do good in the world.

Review all courses for the B.S. in Forensic Science degree program

Fortify your professional skill set with a minor or additional major. The forensic science degree program is designed to be paired with a secondary area of study that broadens your career prospects and deepens your understanding of greater parts of the world.

  • Christ-Centered Experience—concepts of faith and biblical principles are at the center of everything business students experience.
  • Location—Our location in the heart of Palm Beach County’s financial and wealth management district offers unique internship opportunities.
  • Titus Center for Franchising—PBA’s Titus Center for Franchising is the only dedicated center in the nation in which you can master the principles of business franchising
  • Study Abroad—You’ll have the chance to study abroad in places such as Dubai, the Czech Republic, China, Austria and Egypt.

Inform your forensic science knowledge with a broader understanding of the world and God’s hand in it. Our one-of-a-kind Faith, Roots, and Reason general education program covers everything from humanities and fine arts to social and behavioral sciences, all taught with a strong emphasis on Christ’s work of creation and redemption in our world and our lives. 

Explore the full general education course list.

Deepen your understanding of fundamental sciences through lab-based courses in biology, molecular and cell biology, chemistry, organic and analytical chemistry, genetics, biochemistry, and forensic investigation. Then, choose from electives in human anatomy and physiology, human immunology, informatics, formal logic systems, physics, forensic psychology, and more.

Build a solid foundation in preparation for a master’s degree program in forensic science, crime scene investigation, criminology, and related fields. Through graduate and postgraduate study, you can expand your professional opportunities and research in high-level forensic laboratories.


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Expertise in forensic science will open doors to criminal justice related careers, including working as an investigator, police officer, or detective. As a forensic scientist, you may be called to present your findings as an expert witness in the court of law. You may also join Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) teams as an investigator or forensic science technician. 

Roles like private detective or investigator earn around $52,000 per year, while fast-growing specializations like forensic science technician average almost $64,000 annually. More traditional roles in police departments are in lower demand, but garner salaries over $69,000. 

Other career paths include:

  • Toxicologist
  • Forensic computer analyst
  • Biomedical scientist
  • Analytical chemist
  • Laboratory technician

How to Become a Forensic Scientist

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