Ethics & Organizational Behavior, M.S.

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The vanguard of critical thinking, moral debate, the search for truth, leadership, and the respectful engagement of controversial topics affecting organizations around the world.

Catherine T. MacArthur School

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Includes Graduate Certificate in Leadership Studies

The public square generally, and organizational leaders specifically, are in dire need of critical thinkers who can engage, understand, and solve morally problematic and challenging issues within the pluralistic and global society in which we live. This program seeks to develop our students’ abilities to critically analyze theory and argument, identify often hidden philosophical assumptions, seek out logical fallacies in argument, locate truth and wisdom, and develop cogent and innovative solutions as unique problem solvers.

We encourage the engagement of philosophy as related to theory and practice not to simply understand, but to isolate falsities, understand related issues, and seek out truth for the good of the individual, the organization and our global community. We do not seek to merely “teach” our students. Instead, we focus on encouraging them to contemplate in new ways, critically evaluate research and relevant issues, and to think freely for themselves with an appreciation for the bias we all carry with us each day.

The M.S. in Ethics & Organizational Behavior at PBA is a rigorous program focused in philosophy and theory as related to relevant organizational and societal issues. Our faculty our well respected as academicians and aim at nothing less than developing critical thinkers who will pioneer change and help make organizations, societies, and the world a better place.

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Core Faculty & Research Agendas

Your Individualized Line of Research

Program Details

  • M.S. Degree with a Certificate of Graduate Studies in Leadership is flexible for individual life circumstances and can be completed in 12 or 24 months.
  • Students can enter the program during any sub-term throughout the year.
  • Learning culminates with a Capstone Project or Thesis, which is up to the student.
  • Focuses on the full spectrum of human beliefs, attitudes, intentions, and behaviors.
  • Students can attend any class either in-person or asynchronously online.
  • Students can attend full-time or part-time at their own pace.
  • Students can tailor their learning and research to their own unique interests.
  • Offers opportunities to partner with faculty in research endeavors and present at conferences and publish books or articles.

  • Executive Leadership and Senior Management
  • Ethics Compliance and Regulatory Affairs
  • Public Policy Research & Think Tanks
  • International Affairs & Humanitarian Issues
  • Healthcare Administration & Bioethics
  • Management & Organizational Consulting
  • Nonprofit and Social Justice Initiatives
  • Preparation for a PhD or other Terminal Degree

All Sections Offered Each Year Both Online and In-person Each Sub-Term Listed with the Number of Credit Hours(cr.) and courses listed in bold are required to obtain the Certificate of Graduate Studies in Leadership:

EOB 5013 – Organizational Leadership Concepts & Theory (Summer A Term 3cr.)
EOB 5003 – Organizational Behavior (Summer B Term 3cr.)
EOB 5063 – Leading Organizational Behavioral Change (Fall A Term 3cr.)
EOB 6013 – Biblical Leadership in Pluralistic Organizations (Fall A Term 3cr.)
EOB 5053 – Strategic Leadership and Planning (Fall B Term 3cr.)
EOB 5133 – Human Resource Development (Fall B Term 3cr.)
EOB 5xxx – History of Ethics (Spring A Term 3cr.)
EOB 5xxx – Philosophy of Social Science (Spring A Term 3cr.)
EOB 5113 – Philosophy of Moral Leadership (Spring B Term 3cr.)
EOB 5093 – Research Thesis (Any Term as approved 3cr.)
EOB 509X – Research Thesis Continued as Needed (Continuation Term 1cr.)
EOB 509X – Research Thesis Continued as Needed (Continuation Term 1cr.)
History of Ethics and Philosophy of Social Science.
History of Ethics – EOB 5033
Philosophy of Social Science – EOB 5023

Note: Students intending to pursue the Ph.D. (especially in the social sciences as opposed the humanities) are recommended to take BUS 5043 – Quantitative Methods during their matriculation in the M.S.

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