Biblical Studies, B.A.

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Investigate and take refuge in the truths that ground our faith with a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies from Palm Beach Atlantic University.

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Why Major in Biblical Studies?

Among a community of curious inquisitors and discerning servants of Christ, you’ll develop a deep understanding of the history and interpretation of biblical texts, along with their application in our collective future.

Explore the Bible as a historical, consequential, and living text in the bachelor’s in Biblical Studies program at PBA. Learn to deeply immerse yourself in biblical scriptures for the purpose of faithfully interpreting and effectively communicating their life-altering messages in the modern world.

You’ll ask—and answer—important questions about Christian faith and what it means to live out the love of Christ as a leader, teacher, and servant. Through expert instruction and mentorship in the Bible, theology, history, and experiential ministry, you’ll gain the earthly tools and spiritual perspective needed to ignite positive, Christ-oriented change in the world.

  • Grow in Christ: Discover a deeper understanding of God and His Word through shared journeys of spiritual growth.
  • Equipped with Purpose: Prepare for ministry and mission work with specialized training in sharing the dynamic expressions of Christ.
  • Experiential Practice: Apply your blossoming ministry abilities through internships, practicums, and field service activities.
  • Serve Abroad: Engage in immersive service through any of PBA’s 20-plus annual mission trips to places like Cambodia, South Africa, and Peru.

What You’ll Learn

In the Bachelor’s in Biblical and Theological Studies program at PBA, you’ll cultivate a deep understanding of:

  • Reading and contextualizing biblical texts
  • Interpreting and applying the wisdom of the Bible in modern contexts, from everyday life to issues of global importance
  • Translating Hebrew and/or Koine Greek, the original languages of the Bible

Participate in Missions

At PBA, you’ll receive guidance as you seek out service environments and find freedom in turning those opportunities into your own. Participate in and lead weekly cross-campus worship, prayer, and discussion, join your residence hall’s Bible studies, and embrace one-on-one mentorship from a Discipleship Leader.

We also invite you to adventure into the world, carrying God’s heart and purpose and your understanding of scripture, truth, and our role in God’s kingdom into places like Brazil, Greece, Japan, South Africa, Haiti, Finland, and more locations.

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Program Details

Join the unceasing quest for knowledge and understanding of God, scripture, and our role in Christ’s kingdom through this Bible- and faith-centered bachelor’s program at PBA. What you’ll learn here will equip you to serve churches and communities as a chaplain, evangelist, and testament to the love and will of Christ.

Uncover truth in courses on spiritual formation, systematic theology, the history of Christianity, and world religions. Embrace your areas of interest through course options in Old and New Testament topics, and specialize your expertise with language classes in Greek or Hebrew. You’ll also ground your knowledge in a broad variety of subjects through PBA’s one-of-a-kind general education program, Faith, Roots, and Reason.

Review all courses for the B.A. in Biblical Studies

As you work to complete your B.A. in Biblical Studies, select courses from the Faith, Roots, and Reason core, the School of Ministry, and your major that qualify towards entry into PBA’s Master of Divinity program. This early graduate admission track allows you to invest time toward your future while expanding your curiosity as an undergraduate.

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PBA awards over three million dollars in scholarships every year and 97% of PBA undergraduate students receive financial aid.

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Engage boldly with diverse communities through the multitude of career paths that open up with a B.A. in Biblical Studies. Build your capabilities for ministerial leadership, think critically and creatively as a Christ-centered writer and speaker, commit to intercultural service, join your church’s lay leadership, or progress through graduate or seminary education. You’ll find your vocation in contexts like:

  • Local churches
  • Parachurch groups
  • International service and mission organizations
  • Hospitals and hospice services
  • Social services

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