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Blend courses in media, interpersonal communication, and communication ethics with upper-division electives for a total of 18 credit hours and an undergraduate minor in communication.

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Why Minor in Communication at PBA?

Become an active global citizen with a first-hand understanding of mass media, civil discourse, and effective interpersonal skills. Through the thoughtful curiosity and inquisitive discernment encouraged on PBA’s diverse, collaborative campus, you will establish broad expertise in many dimensions of oral, written, and relational communication. With a communications minor, you’ll invest further in the knowledge and experiences that suit your career goals in expansive professional contexts.

  • Christ-Focused: Infuse your strategies and narratives with the unmatched love of Christ.
  • Multi-Dimensional Communication: Focus your Faith, Roots, and Reason core on communication-related courses across many disciplines.
  • Study Abroad: Extend your curiosity in global communication contexts like Edinburgh, Florence, Valparaiso, and Cape Town. Learn more about PBA’s study abroad opportunities.

What You’ll Learn

The Communication minor builds leaders who:

  • Actively engage with society in face-to-face and digital settings
  • Participate in discourse with meaningful statistical, rhetorical, and organizational analyses
  • Apply faith to communications
  • Negotiate and mediate conflict
  • Practice effective communication skills in a variety of contexts
  • Promote intellectual, spiritual, and emotional growth across cultural and social contexts


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