Interdisciplinary Studies

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In lieu of a specific program listed in the catalog, a current student may elect a student-designed Major in Interdisciplinary Studies. Such a major will be composed of courses selected from the curricula of two or more departments.



Why Earn a Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at PBA?

Studying interdisciplinary studies is a great way to customize your education in a way that suits your personal career goals. You will have the unique opportunity to explore various disciplines and integrate your coursework, all within a Christian worldview. Merge skillsets from the arts, humanities, sciences, and social sciences to learn how to think critically and solve real-world challenges.

Program Details

The following restrictions apply:

  1. A grade point average of 3.0 or higher is required.
  2. In order to allow both breadth and depth, such a major requires no fewer than 50 semester hours and no more than 63 semester hours; 42 hours must be at upper-level designation.
  3. A total of at least 75 credit hours must be taken at PBA, inclusive of the courses in the interdisciplinary major.
  4. A Major in Interdisciplinary Studies must be created and approved prior to the end of the student’s first semester as a junior, so that it is a planned coherent program of study and not just a collection of courses gathered together at the last minute. In the process of designing the major, the student must submit a narrative justification for the inclusion of courses from two or more departments of instruction, along with the list of courses to be taken.
  5. To assure coherency, relevancy, and academic integrity, the student must obtain, at a minimum, the approval of the student’s advisor, major department, and Dean of the School in which the student’s major resides. If deemed necessary by the Dean, he/she may request input from other departments and schools.
  6. Interdisciplinary majors do not require completion of a minor field of study.
  7. The degree awarded, BA or BS, will be determined by the primary focus of the major.

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