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Strive to promote significant influence on the eternal scale as a steadfast representative of the Christian faith in every workplace and community you encounter for the rest of your life. Whether you are drawn to business or science, ministry or politics, education or the arts, you can fortify your faith and encourage change in those around you through the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Apologetics degree program at Palm Beach Atlantic University.

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Why Major in Apologetics at PBA?

The study of apologetics equips Christians with steadfast knowledge and confidence to demonstrate the truth, goodness, and beauty of the Bible and our faith. We seek to illustrate Christianity as reasonable, or true to the logic of our world, and desirable, or true to how the world ought to be. 

Few institutions offer an apologetics degree, and no others match the caliber of PBA’s distinguished faculty, like Dr. Paul Copan, a leading expert on Old Testament ethics and the argument for morality, Dr. Paul M. Gould, the recognized leader in cultural apologetics, and Dr. Brandon Rickabaugh, an expert in the intersection of apologetics, spiritual formation, and the nature of persons.

  • Unlike Any Other: The depth of experience and expertise among our faculty and across our campus set PBA’s apologetics degree apart from its competitors.
  • Encompassing Ethos: We approach apologetics from the three-pronged perspectives of the missional, the pastoral, and the scholarly.
  • M.Div. Preparation: Earn a GPA of at least 3.5 in your apologetics and philosophy courses to qualify for early admission into our M.Div. degree program.
  • Mission Work: Unleash your learning with one of more than 20 annual mission trips.

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What You’ll Learn

In the apologetics degree at PBA, persevere in your convictions and:

  • Evaluate key evidence for and against the Christian faith
  • Apply critical thinking and integrative skills as an emerging Christian apologist, including a rich understanding of winsome communication with individuals and culture
  • Analyze spheres of contemporary culture and society and articulate a Christian response to objections to the reasonableness or desirability of Christianity
  • Cultivate the capacities for personal faith, emotional maturity, and moral integrity requisite to a life of practicing Christian apologetics and philosophy in a range of settings

Meet the School of Ministry

PBA’s School of Ministry is a home base for sharp minds with an unwavering commitment to our faith and mission in Jesus Christ. Our specialized training programs, sponsorship opportunities in nationwide mission conferences, and 20+ annual mission trips fortify the next generation of Christian world-changers. Here, you’ll gain extensive hands-on experience in internships, practicum settings, and field service activities that inspire the confidence you need to lead and serve communities of all kinds.

Explore the School of Ministry.

Program Details

Unite your faith with deep interrogations into the texts, historical events, and theologies that inform Christianity today. The apologetics degree pairs broad ministry and philosophy courses with common challenges to the Christian faith, readying you with the holistic tools of reason, conscience, and imagination you will use to spread the Good News of Christ.

Review all courses for the Apologetics bachelor’s degree program.

“Apologetics” comes from the Greek word apologia, “defense.” This sub-discipline of theology and philosophy challenges us to respond with confidence to objections against Christianity, and it drives us to propagate the truth that Christianity illuminates and advances the world we live in.

Strong apologetics requires strong citizenship. Our Faith, Roots, and Reason general education program equips you to cultivate your mind, develop moral character, and seize advantages of lifelong learning in ways that make you a virtuous citizen of your professional, civic, and faith communities.

Build up your understanding of the history of Christianity, world religions, biblical interpretation, systematic theology, and your individual spiritual formation. These vital foundations ground your studies within apologetics and continue informing your faith and works throughout your life.

The tenacious apologetics major curriculum pushes you toward a comprehensive understanding of topics like faith and science, philosophy of religion, cultural apologetics, evangelism, and evil. Each course further empowers you to articulate how and why Christianity is both reasonable and desirable.

Rise to the challenge of one of the most widely and highly regarded credentials within Christian studies, the Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree. As an apologetics major at PBA, you may seek early graduate admissions into our M.Div. program and apply up to 35 graduate credit hours to the completion of your B.A. in Apologetics.


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Careers in Apologetics

Deep understanding of apologetics prepares you for a lifetime of meaningful conversations, impactful organizational and business decisions, and continuous mission focus. You may take your learning into paid or volunteer roles in your community or church, venture into new mission contexts, or advance your studies in an M.Div. or other master’s-level graduate program. 

Our apologetics majors go on to lead and serve as:

  • Pastors
  • Teachers of apologetics, philosophy, and the Bible
  • Evangelists
  • Ministry Leaders
  • Public Intellectuals
  • Producers
  • Scholars

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