Record Number of Pharmacy Graduates Accepted to Residency Programs


While many Palm Beach Atlantic University graduates will begin their careers after commencement next week, some will continue their professional preparation, including a record number from the Gregory School of Pharmacy headed to residency placements around the country.

A pharmacy residency program consists of one or two years of post-graduate training to prepare graduates for a variety of high-level jobs while helping them become servant leaders within the pharmacy profession.

“We had 17 of our fourth- year students match (residency) and then we had three people who had already graduated in Post Graduate Year 1 (PGY1) programs go on to Post Graduate Year 2,” said Dr. Amy Henneman, PGY1 pharmacy residency director.

The first year of the residency program is a general program, but the second year is very specific training, such as infectious disease or cancer treatment, she said.


Jordan Wulz, shown here (right) at the Spring 2015 Commencement, is one of the Gregory School of Pharmacy graduates engaged in a post-graduate pharmacy residency program for training on specific areas of medicine.


“The main goal of the residency program is to have a well-rounded advanced clinical provider. Going through the residency program gives them a leg up into the types of positions they can obtain,” Henneman said. “They can more quickly to get into leadership positions and to really be on the forefront of where the areas of pharmacy are changing.”

Although residencies are highly competitive and stressful, PBA’s students are very well prepared.

“They know what they need to do and they interview well,” said Henneman. “It speaks really well of how prepared our students are to be entering the workforce and to be ready for these advanced clinical positions.”

Professionalism and determination are common themes all students in residency have, although each brings a different aspect to the table.

“It really pushes them to develop as a professional, being able to work with a variety of people and a variety of different positions on different levels, with administrators, as well as colleagues. It’s a year of growth,” said Henneman.

Besides the growth of knowledge in pharmacy, the students are personally growing with the help of the field.

Henneman said, “In the residency program, it’s a stressful year. They’re putting a lot of experience in one year, so it really pushes the resident to learn how to adapt quickly, how to work with people from a variety of backgrounds and a variety of professions.

“The increase in the students we see going for residency is a reflective how pharmacy is changing so now even our students are recognizing that need for further growth and development to help them to get some of these higher level jobs,” she said.

Class of 2016 Residency Match Results:

Jeremy Adaza, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Georgia, PGY1

Umima Baig, VA Medical Center - West Palm Beach, Florida, PGY1

Shawna Cargill, University of Utah Hospitals/Clinics, PGY1&2-Health Sys. Admin.

Alyssa Claudio, UF Health Jacksonville, Florida, PGY1

Tosin David, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, PGY1-Community

Justin Dorotheo, Orlando VA Medical Center, Florida, PGY1

Samantha Henningfield, Florida Hospital Altamonte, PGY1

Norman Hooten, Orlando VA Medical Center, Florida, PGY1

Marina Ishak, VA Medical Center - West Palm Beach, Florida, PGY1

Tara Kuhn, Palm Beach Atlantic University, Florida, PGY1 - Ambulatory Care, Academia

Gevette Ocasio, Wolfson Children's Hospital/Baptist Health, Florida, PGY1 – Pediatrics

Andreina Ottman, VA Medical Center – Durham, North Carolina, PGY1

Dimple Patel, Saint Barnabas Medical Center, New Jersey, PGY1

Marcus Silva, Martin Health System, Florida, PGY1

Matthew Stankowicz, Boca Raton Regional Hospital, Florida, PGY1

Melissa Waineo, VA Medical Center - West Palm Beach, Florida, PGY1

Jacqueline Walker, Mayo Clinic in Florida, PGY1


Class of 2015 Second Year Residencies:

Julienne Pauly, South Texas VA Health Care/Audie Murphy Memorial Hospital, PGY2-Psychiatric

Angela Skaff, Fairview Health Services, University of Missouri Health System, PGY2-Health Systems Administration

Jordan Wulz, Samford University School of Pharmacy, PGY2-Ambulatory Care