April 12, 2024

Palm Beach Atlantic University Celebrates 4 Million Service Hours with a Special Chapel Service

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In 1968, Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBA) embarked on a unique journey of service with the inception of Workship. The program combines the concepts of work and worship into a transformative experience for students. Inspired by the compassionate vision of PBA’s founders, Dr. Jess Moody and his wife, Doris, Workship remains a distinctive feature of the university’s commitment to faith-led action. The initiative, born from the Moody’s deep-seated belief in serving others as an expression of worship, has flourished, touching countless lives through more than 200 partnerships. 

This April, Workship celebrates a significant milestone of 4 million hours in service to others. Students, faculty, staff and friends of PBA gathered at the Family Church Sanctuary on Wednesday, April 10 for a chapel service dedicated to celebrating the school’s success through their Workship program.  

By participating in the program, students learn how to immerse themselves in civic leadership, and it enables them to get involved in causes which align with their passions. To demonstrate this impact, during the chapel service Nathan Chau, director of Workship, hosted a panel of Workship leaders and partners. The panel included Daniella Darling, principal of Carver Christian Academy at Urban Youth Impact, Lyndsey Morell, a data and evaluation manager at Adopt-A-Family of the Palm Beaches, and Aiden Carroll, a current Workship leader and PBA junior majoring in accounting. 

Personal and Professional Growth Through Workship  

Chau said that not only does Workship help uplift the community and spread the gospel, but it also helps students find their future vocation by exposing them to certain fields. An example Chau likes to give is if someone wanted to be a teacher, Workship would find a way to give them the experience to know if they will work well with children.  

This was certainly the case for Darling, who, as a PBA student, fell in love with serving the inner city through Workship. She participated in an after-school program with Urban Youth Impact that helped inner-city children, which she admits was out of her comfort zone because she came from a small town. However, she found the work really resonated with her. She is grateful to God for breaking cultural boundaries and allowing her to make meaningful connections with the children.  

“My very first Workship project was what I’m still doing now,” Darling said, referring to her work with Urban Youth Impact.  

The Impact of Leadership Development 

The leadership skills taught by Workship can be transformative to a student, which Morell found out when she joined the team. When she was first asked to be a Worship leader, she thought she was underqualified, thinking of herself as just an office worker. She did not think she would be right for a leadership role because she was quiet and liked to avoid groups of people.  

“But I did it anyway, and I learned there are different types of leaders, and there are some skills like public speaking that can be developed,” Morell said.  

The Workship community works to bring out the best in individuals, and it also helps foster long-term relationships, as discovered by Carroll when he participated in his first Workship experience as a part of PBA’s MLK Day of Service with a group of his friends. He went with them to the Rinker Athletic Campus and assembled hygiene kits for the homeless community.  

 “I had a lot of fun with the fellowship that occurred and having the ability to see that we were doing something that could help people,” Carroll said.  

Chau wants to encourage students to get out and serve, stating the 4 million service hours are just the beginning for Workship. He hopes students find their passions and use them to glorify God, who will give them a multitude of great opportunities.  

Honoring Dedication: The 2024 Fleming Service Scholarship Award 

Part of the celebrations included a luncheon where Aiden Caroll is the recipient of the 2024 Fleming Service Scholarship Award, which was stablished by former PBA President Bill Fleming and his wife, Pam. Started in 2012, the scholarship continues to support students who embody the heart of service integral to the culture of PBA. Aiden has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to service through his role in the Workship Office. Described by his supervisor as the “Swiss army knife” of service, Aiden’s passion and versatility in serving the Palm Beach County community has not only upheld the legacy of the Flemings but has also paved the way for future servant-leaders.  

To learn more about Workship and to get involved, visit https://www.pba.edu/campus-life/christian-community/workship/ 

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