April 5, 2024

PBA Sailing Club Makes History as They Head to Regionals

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West Palm Beach, Fla. (Friday, April 5, 2024) – The Palm Beach Atlantic University Sailing Club looks forward to competing for the first time in the program’s history at a regional level in Charleston, South Carolina, after a record-breaking season.  

“It’s been amazing but definitely challenging; we’ve put in a lot of work behind the scenes,” Aubrey Holloway, a PBA senior and one of the club’s captains, said.  

As an entirely student-led and run team, since its beginning in 2020, the sailing club is directly responsible for all its planning, including scheduling practices, entering competitions, and finding its own coaches. This attracts highly motivated individuals to the club who are ready to give the team their all and compete seriously.   

“As a team, we’ve made a lot of history… It definitely feels like we are moving forward,” Holloway said.  

This year, the club won its first regatta and has outraced several schools like the University of Florida, Florida State University, and Auburn University. The big dream is for a PBA team to eventually be able to compete on a national level. Holloway is excited, though, for the club to conquer regionals first and represent itself as the only small Christian liberal arts school competing. She believes that the feeling of being the underdog is just fuel for them to perform better and see what else they can achieve.  

As former high school athletes, Holloway and one of her fellow captains, PBA junior Nicole Hirt, have found the Sailing Club to be a perfect way to keep their competitive drives going in college. The club has been an effective way to participate in a team sport that does not interfere too much with their studies and busy lives.  

“It’s such a good way to just get out on the water and still be competitive, especially with how technical it is,” Hirt said.  

The team embarks on their journey by bus to Charleston for the competition on April 5, and Hirt is looking forward to all the excellent bonding opportunities she will have with her teammates. Part of Hirt’s favorite aspects of the club has always been the “team chemistry,” where everyone is excited to contribute through hard work to achieve their goals but is still able to have a lot of fun in the process.  

Both Holloway and Hirt advise current and potential students interested in the PBA Sailing Club to have the courage to sign up because they might find a hobby they will fall in love with and want to continue doing for the rest of their lives. Holloway thinks that once people “leap of faith” and try sailing, they will find fantastic use of their time and an adventurous community. Hirt seconds this, adding that anything is possible when people commit to being part of the club.   

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