April 5, 2024

Cash Lambert’s Career-Altering, Life Changing Workship Experience

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Workship, PBA’s acclaimed community service program that responds to human needs with Christ-like action in the community and throughout the world, has impacted lives in countless ways. In 2010, during his freshman year at Palm Beach Atlantic (PBA) University, Cash Lambert desperately sought to find a Workship opportunity that aligned with his passions, specifically surfing. That is how he was introduced to Surfers for Autism, a nonprofit based in Stuart, Florida that provides free surfing lessons for children and adults with autism and other related developmental delays and disabilities. This experience, Lambert explained, changed his life.  

“Without Workship, I would have never gone to volunteer with this organization that led to a community, friendships, and ultimately my first book,” he said. Lambert was so impacted by his Workship experience that in 2019 he published Waves of Healing: How Surfing Changes the Lives of Children with Autism.” The book is a collection of stories from individuals and families whose lives have been transformed through Surfers for Autism. “These are stories about the struggles children with autism face… but they’re also stories of breakthroughs, of authentic joy and unbridled excitement as they learn to see their world from a whole new perspective – standing tall atop a surfboard, riding a wave all on their own,” the book’s description states.  

Lambert believes storytelling is his God-given talent, and when he experienced firsthand the transformative power of surfing for individuals with autism, he knew he had to write about it. After publishing his first book, Lambert was contacted by the International Surf Therapy Organization (ITSO), a global community of surf therapy practitioners and researchers harnessing the power of collaboration and the ocean to advance the use of surf therapy as a mental and physical health intervention. The ITSO asked him to speak at a conference in Los Angeles, and it was there that he learned about the benefits of surfing not just for those with autism, but for drug addiction recovery, social development, terminal illnesses and more. That is what prompted him to write his second book, “Surf Therapy: The Evidence-Based Science for Physical, Mental and Emotional Well-Being.” When asked about both of his books, Lambert attributed much of his success to his experience at Workship.  

“I have two internationally distributed books to my name at 32 years old, but it really all goes back to Workship. Without PBA pushing me to have an important voice in the community and serve others, I don’t know if either of these two books would have happened… Getting involved in Workship could very well be life-altering and career-changing. I don’t think those are dramatic statements, because you can just look at my story.”  

Currently, Lambert lives in West Palm Beach and is the Founder & Editorial Director of American Surf Magazine and American Outdoors Magazine.

Workship has partnered with over 200 organizations across Palm Beach County alone, and it continues to transform lives in the community and beyond. This spring, Workship reached 4 million hours served since the program began in 1968. To learn more about Workship and the 4 million hours celebration, click here.  

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