School of Nursing Honors Graduates with Virtual Awards Ceremony


The School of Nursing celebrated the Class of 2020 with a virtual pinning and awards ceremony.The School of Nursing honored nearly 80 graduates with a virtual pinning and awards ceremony.

Dean Dr. Phyllis King presided over the ceremony. Rachel Lightsey delivered the opening invocation, and Taylor Sukmana served as the student speaker. Sukmana reflected on the 14,600 hours she and her classmates have spent preparing to become nurses – and that calculation only takes into account their college years.

“This is a season in life that will set the tone for the rest of our nursing careers,” Sukmana said. “This was the closest we have ever been as a class, the most we have ever truly depended on each other and our faith in Christ.”

The class of 2020 included three RN to BSN students and 76 traditional bachelor’s degree students. Whether they further their education or enter the field as bedside nurses, Sukmana challenged her classmates to never limit themselves.

Alumni speaker Kevin Young ’16/M.S.N. ’18 shared his remarks from a hotel room in New York, where he’s volunteering in the Intensive Care Unit fighting COVID-19. He is working toward his doctor of nursing practice degree at PBA.

During the last several weeks, he physically sustained his patients with CPR, spiritually sustained them with prayer and mentally sustained them with words of encouragement. Being a registered nurse molds the way that you view life, he said.

“Through the eyes of a nurse is where you will see life’s worth,” Young said. “The worth of a human is seen throughout the lifespan and in every specialty of nursing.”

Nurses humbly serve other people while taking pride in the lives they are called to. One can only understand the value of life through the eyes of Christ, Young said.

“They say you can tell the worth of something by what someone is willing to pay for it,” Young said. “I want you to remember this above all else: Christ paid for your life and the lives of every one of your patients with his life. Human life is worth enough that Christ paid for it by sacrificing Himself.”

The School of Nursing celebrated the Class of 2020 with a virtual pinning and awards ceremony.Retiring President William M. B. Fleming, Jr. and Provost Randy Richards joined the pinning ceremony. The Class of 2020 gifted Fleming with a PBA stethoscope engraved with his name.

Associate Dean Dr. Patrick Heyman read the names of the graduates during the pinning.

King presented the following awards: Outstanding Graduate – Mireya Hinojosa, Dean’s Award – Isabelle Bradshaw, Lassiter Award for Student Leadership – Robin Buchanan, Lassiter Award for Academic Excellence – Charlyn Rand, Lassiter Award for Clinical Excellence – Ellen Svetec, Lassiter Award for Community Service - Caitlin Riley, Renshaw Award – Kayleigh Estes and the Orlando Award – Taylor Sukmana.

Lisa Sebar, assistant professor of nursing, led the graduating class in reciting the Nightingale Pledge, named for Florence Nightingale. The pledge is considered a modern-day version of the Hippocratic Oath.

She asked the graduates to dim the lights and light a candle while Chapel Praise Team Coordinator Jeanny Alexandre ’10/M.S. ’20 sang “Go Light Your World” with Jose Marrero ’18/M.Div. ’20 accompanying her on the piano. Provost Dr. Randy Richards delivered the closing benediction.


Outstanding Graduate – Mireya Hinojosa

Dean’s Award – Isabelle Bradshaw

Lassiter Award for Servant Leadership – Robin Buchanan

Lassiter Award for Academic Excellence – Charlyn Rand

Lassiter Award for Clinical Excellence – Ellen Svetec

Lassiter Award for Community Service - Caitlin Riley

Renshaw Award – Kayleigh Estes

Orlando Award – Taylor Sukmana

Photo 1: The School of Nursing celebrated the Class of 2020 with a virtual pinning and awards ceremony.

Photo 2: Taylor Sukmana addresses her classmates during the School of Nursing pinning and awards ceremony. She won the Orlando Award for her support of her classmates.