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Palm Beach Atlantic University's communications, journalism and public relation programs have produced acclaimed broadcasters, writers, advertising and public relations professionals. As a student in any of our programs you’ll learn from seasoned industry veterans and find a rich blend of opportunities to hone your craft, step up to your stage and shine bright.


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Your Opportunities

Sailfish Speech Performance & Debate Team

Palm Beach Atlantic University initiated a speech and debate program, launched in 2018, in order to provide opportunities for students at the university to participate in intercollegiate activities, competitive events, and tournaments, including the annual FIFA (Florida Intercollegiate Forensics Association) tournament. Since its inception, PBA students in the class have won a number of awards. 

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The Beacon Today 

Our faculty in the Journalism and Sports Broadcasting department understand that employers value real-world experience. The Beacon Today is Palm Beach Atlantic University's award-winning digital-only campus news organization. This student-led news outlet follows the motto, "Act locally, think globally" while covering campus, community and national news for both the web and social media platforms. 

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Communication Internships

We have a variety of communication internships in the fall and spring that are open to communication majors/minors and public relations minors. You'll receive on-the-job work experience in a communication position that will help you investigate career possibilities in this field.

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