The College of the Arts

Whether through art, dance, music, theatre, cinema, sports broadcasting, digital media, graphic design, journalism, communication, public relations, game design, or the Preparatory Department, the College of the Arts at Palm Beach Atlantic University equips artists to exceed their potential.


The College of the Arts includes Communication, Art & Media studies, and Performing Arts studies. Together they embrace a diverse group of disciplines that emphasize artistic expression, arts advocacy, redemptive storytelling, and transformational experiences. The fundamental strengths of each department are based upon innovative and critical thinking, historical and cultural awareness, a thorough examination of the creative process, and core Christian values.

We are connected to artists who through the centuries made tremendous sacrifices so the message of the arts could be passed from generation to generation. We are aligned with, and an extension of, those individuals. Our calling is significant. We have been entrusted with the Arts for our generation and as cultural archivists the ensuing artistic creativity generated during this time will be restorative, authentic, and inspiring.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts is comprised of Dance, Music, and Theatre. Students are welcomed into Performing Arts programs by both a successful completion of the required audition and acceptance into the university. The programs are designed to focus on their potential, preparing them for professional and graduate work within their field. Each department is dedicated to the highest level of academic achievement in an environment that serves to encourage artistic creativity and individuality, while facilitating collaborative, multidisciplinary engagements within the College of the Arts.

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The Preparatory Department

The Preparatory Department provides opportunities for children to be involved in music and dance instruction in our facility each week. Private lessons and classes are offered as well as performance opportunities in string instruments, piano, voice, harp, and select other areas.

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Media and Communication

Media and Communication is comprised of Communication, Journalism, Public Relations, Cinema, and Media Arts. These programs are fused together with a strong liberal arts curriculum pursues the methodology through which thoughts, ideas and imagination are placed into a spoken or visual context. Students pursue academic courses that emphasize and strengthening their ability to organize and refine communication. While each discipline is unique they share commonality with a regard to historical purpose, intentional expression, redemptive storytelling and elevating transformational experiences that impact generations.

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Art and Design


Palm Beach Atlantic University’s art and design programs offer professional degree programs with the goal of post-graduation employment as its core guiding principle.

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Upcoming Performances

Join us for upcoming music, dance, and other fine arts events.