Christian Life

Christian Life

As the top Christian university in Florida, faith shapes everything we do. You’ll find an endless array of opportunities to express your Christian values. You’ll find biblical concepts integrated throughout the curriculum. And you’ll strengthen your faith and develop the ethical principles that top employers seek.


WorkshipWork + Worship = Workship

Our Workship program is a perfect reflection of how our people express their faith in ways that improve lives everywhere. In place for more than 50 years, Workship creates opportunities to get out into communities—locally and around the world—where you may feed the hungry, assist with disaster recovery, tutor and mentor schoolchildren, work at children’s hospitals and bring positive change in countless other ways.


Wordship is the cultivated practice of using our words wisely to edify others, including those with whom we disagree, as a form of worship. It includes spoken words as well as written words.
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Spread the Gospel

Student ministry will position you to spread the gospel and use your ministry skills in a variety of ways. You may lead a service at an area church, minister at a local hospital, guide worship services for underserved populations or express God’s love in communities around the world. We also offer an array of fulfilling majors and minors in our School of Ministry.


Share Your Spirit

Throughout the year you’ll be able to engage in a number of faith-building special events that bring the entire University community together in spirit and worship. These are truly uplifting opportunities to join others in celebrating Jesus Christ.



Stir Your Soul

Our beautiful DeSantis Family Chapel is the physical centerpiece of the University’s God-honoring tradition that stretches back half a century. The chapel’s towering, cross-topped carillon delivers a powerful statement to the student body and the broader West Palm Beach community about PBA’s commitment to being a Christ-first university. Worship services are held here at least four times a week, as well as lectures and concerts that will inspire your curiosity and stir your soul.


Going Global

You’ll have the opportunity to share your faith globally in the form of serve abroad trips, that may take you to Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand, South America or Africa. In the past 10 years alone, students and faculty on our serve abroad trips have reached more than 17,000 individuals with the message of Jesus Christ.

Deepening Faith

Bible study and prayer groups take place across the PBA campus, at various times and locations throughout the day, with groups of all sizes. That’s the power of these activities—they don’t require a significant amount of structure, just like minded Christians who want to deepen their faith together and encourage each other to grow in Christ.


“PBA is blessed to have professors and local business professionals who invest so much in their students. I was provided with so many opportunities to learn from and be inspired by those individuals in and out of the classroom. Additionally, PBA provided an environment to grow in my faith as well as provide leadership opportunities.”

– Stephen Troll ‘14

Millions of Hours for Good

To date, PBA students have volunteered 3.3 million hours of service through our benchmark Workship program.

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Grow your Faith 

Our students engage in ministry work whether it’s in the community or around the globe.

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Learn more about Christival, a long-standing PBA tradition of praise, worship and learning.

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