Programs & Certificates

Rinker School of Business

Undergraduate Programs

Rinker School of Business undergraduate degrees provide the core competencies that are characteristic of a successful graduate entering into a dynamic, global business environment. All degrees include content from business disciplines, such as accounting, economics, finance, management, management information systems, marketing, and quantitative methods.
Our base majors include bachelor’s degrees in accounting, finance, economics, international business, management (with general and small business concentrations), and marketing. Our 3+2 undergraduate/graduate majors include combined bachelors and Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Accountancy (MAcc) and Master in Data Analytics respectively.
Our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) offering is dual modality offering, which may be taken by both day and online students. Additionally, our Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (BABA) provides a way to allow a dual-major from the Rinker School of Business and another PBA school to obtain a business degree. This degree was sponsored by a PBA interdisciplinary team which recognized the value of business combined with other disciplines such as fine arts.
Finally, each of our base majors provide the opportunity for students to choose a four-course franchising concentration, including a franchising-unique internship. This concentration, promoted by our Titus Center for Franchising represents a unique RSB offering, unduplicated by any other national institution.


Graduate Programs

The Marshall E. Rinker School of Business offers graduate degrees to prepare students to become leaders, setting them up for success in today’s global enviorment.

MBA Program
As a generalized business master’s degree program, the RSB MBA includes preparation for leading an organization, managing in a diverse global context, thinking creatively, making sound decisions and exercising good judgment under uncertainty, and integrating knowledge across fields. The curriculum associated with our MBA program is designed to provide the knowledge necessary to succeed as a general manager/business owner. Six core concentrations are available through the MBA program, including Accounting, Enterprise Systems, Finance, Marketing, and Project Management. Additionally, dual/joint MBA degrees exist with the PharmD, MDiv, and Master of Global Development.

MAcc Program
As a specialized business master’s degree program, the RSB MAcc includes an understanding of the specified discipline from multiple perspectives, an understanding of the specialization context, and preparation for careers or further study. The curriculum associated with our MAcc program is designed to provide the knowledge necessary to succeed as a future CPA. Three core concentrations are available through the MAcc program, including: Assurance, Assurance in Enterprise, and Accounting Studies.

M.S. in Data Analytics Program
As a specialized business master’s degree program, the M.S. in Data Analytics applies data analytical techniques to business issues with the objective of improving decision-making. It equips students with various models, techniques, and software tools spanning descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics categories. It is an accelerated 3+2 program that provides the student with a graduate-level degree in 5 years.


The Rinker School of Business promotes a lifelong learning mindset in learners, including creativity, intellectual curiosity, and critical and analytical thinking. Our portfolio of certificates contributes to interdisciplinary lifelong learning course development at the University level. These certificates include: