Victoria Collins '15

Major: Christian PsychologyVictoria Collins

Hometown: Saint Petersburg, FL

Current Location: Safety Harbor, FL


Describe your current job role:

My job title is Director of Discipleship at Harborside Christian Church. I disciple students and work with families by leading, planning, & organizing events and curriculum that helps them grow in their relationships with Jesus Christ.


What professional experience(s) did you have prior to your current job role?

Customer Service, Hospitality, and Healthcare.


What do you know now that you wish you had known about being a working professional?

That no matter the business or industry, people ARE always the business! Focus on getting really good at knowing and serving people, and you will excel wherever you go.


How did PBA prepare you for the world of work?

My time at PBA taught me the importance of letting the Spirit lead me into every chapter of life. I developed my faith at PBA and have kept so much of what was gained near and dear to my heart ever since.


What advice would you give to current PBA students and/or young alumni who are about to start their first professional full-time job?

Prioritize confirmation from God before you agree to any career opportunity. If He is not confirming that He has gone before you and prepared you for a job, DO NOT take it! Better to go after what you know He has blessed than to go after what looks/sounds good!


Have you been mentored by anyone in your professional field since entering the workforce?  If so, what impact has that had on you?

I have! It has been exceptionally helpful and such an encouragement to know that people believe with me and for me! God is great!