Student Stories - Juan Rocha

Juan Rocha is an international student from Valledupar, Colombia, who is currently pursuing a Master of Divinity at Palm Beach Atlantic University.


When Rocha first chose to attend PBA for his undergraduate degree, he had set out to major in Popular Music. Suddenly, these plans were interrupted as he felt God speaking a new calling into his life through a local family. This led Rocha to change his major and instead pursue a B.A. in Ministry.


Rocha credits the generosity of donors whose contributions allowed him to pursue a degree at PBA that would otherwise have been impossible.

Upon completing his M.Div., Juan’s God Sized Dream is to become a Bible scholar with the purpose of teaching and empowering churches and leaders in Latin America who do not have the resources to pursue a theological education.


“I have been profoundly blessed with this education and I can’t wait to be a blessing for others. All glory be to God, the one who initiates and carries out great dreams.”