Student Stories - Darlene Henry

Darlene Henry is currently a code enforcement officer with the city of riviera beach. Darlene shares about when a representative from PBA visited her church in 1984 to share information about the school. After only completing about a year of school, life got busy for Darlene, and she went off into the workforce.

After 39 years, Darlene continues her journey at PBA as an online student because she knew that even online, she was working towards a Christ-centered degree. Darlene shares her God-Sized Dream of completing her degree, which she has recently accomplished.  She now hopes to pursue her new God-Sized Dream of getting her master’s degree.

After everything that Darlene has experienced, she shares with anyone who may be listening: “Things happen but if that is your mindset or your God-Sized Dream to complete school or go back to school, don’t let anything stop you.”