Workship Guidelines

Every daytime full-time undergraduate student enrolled at Palm Beach Atlantic University participates in Workship. There are no exemptions. Students must complete 45 hours of volunteer community service in a 501(c)3 non-profit agency, church, academic school, or US government organization per school year. Service that aligns with the Christian commitment and core values of the University will be counted as Workship Hours.

How many hours are required?

45 hours must be completed every school year with a 501(c)3 non-profit agency, church, academic school, or US government organization. That is an average of 1.5 hours per the 32 weeks you’re in class. Students should anticipate completing at least 23 hours per semester to be on track.


What if my hours exceed the minimum?

Hours roll over once you exceed the required yearly minimum. Don’t stop serving when you meet your requirement!

Can I submit hours served over the summer?

Incoming students may count community service hours that were completed three months prior to the beginning of classes; June 1st for those entering in the fall semester and October 1st for those entering in the spring semester.


  • any activity that benefits PBA, including the students, faculty and/or staff
  • donating goods
  • raising money on behalf of a charity or organization
  • animal foster care
  • hours campaigning for a political candidate
  • hours in rehearsal or training for an event that exceeds the total number of hours of the event
  • travel to the service site, including air travel

How do I submit my hours?

Hours can be logged by going to

More Information

For a full overview of the Workship requirement, visit myPBA > Departments > Workship, then look for the Workship Guidelines under the Documents section. 


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