Music Scholarships

We offer music scholarships in varied amounts to a select number of highly talented and promising students each year. These scholarships are available through a competitive process that includes an interview and an audition with the music faculty of PBA. Students who accept these grants-in-aid must normally declare a major in music during the period of the grant and maintain a 2.75 grade point average in all music courses attempted at PBA. Music grade point averages below 2.75 will result in a reduction in music scholarships.

Scholarship recipients will be required to participate in at least two appropriate ensembles each semester. In addition, applied keyboard students often will be given accompaniment duties. More specific guidelines for maintaining scholarships are available from the Dean's Office.

Popular Music Majors

Students pursuing a degree in popular music may, under certain circumstances, apply for music scholarship if they prepare an additional audition using traditional performance literature and follow the guidelines for a traditional music audition in the B.A. track. Applicants should understand that music scholarship is granted based on the needs of traditional music ensembles and the ability of the applicant to meet that need.

Applicants must demonstrate advanced ability with the instrument or voice. Music scholarship involves a commitment to two traditional ensembles every semester of full-time enrollment in addition to whatever requirements are in place for popular music ensembles. If the Popular Music applicant wishes to follow these additional guidelines and apply for music scholarship, then that must be specified at the time of scheduling the audition.

Scholarship Deadlines

Students who audition after March 31 may not be eligible for music scholarships. Music scholarship money not previously awarded is assigned to other students on April 1 of each year. In order to be eligible for music scholarship, you must have both been accepted by PBA as a student and accepted to the Department of Music as a music major (through the audition process) prior to April 1.