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Our programs cover a range of dynamic and interesting areas within the fields of cinema and media. Whether you’re launching toward a career on Broadway, making movies, writing scripts or developing that next viral ad campaign, our programs and accomplished faculty can prepare you to make your mark on the world.


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Cinema Arts Scholarships 

Our program provides students a first-class training from a Christian perspective in the effective and  dynamic communication of messages through the  entertainment media of motion pictures and television. Given the enormous power of the mass media to define public debate, impact cultural and social change, and influence personal behavior, our vision is to empower aspiring Christian media professionals to make a positive contribution to society through entertainment. 
Major areas of study equip Cinema Arts students to communicate pro-social or redemptive messages, particularly through parabolic storytelling. This preparation will allow graduates to pursue careers in the television and feature film sectors of the entertainment industry, as well as in audio-visual production in corporate, governmental, church and parachurch organizations.
We are committed to making the PBA experience affordable for you.  

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Student Film Awards

In the 2018-2019 academic school year, students and faculty in the Department of Cinema & Media Studies won 48 awards for their productions. Among the 48 awards were winners in competitions such as the Telly, BEA or Festival of Media Arts and the Aurora. 




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