Concentration in Franchising

Program: Concentration 

School(s):  Rinker School of Business

The Concentration in Franchising explores the evolution and growing importance of franchising as a dynamic business strategy and model and prepares students and graduates for franchise business ownership or employment. Students earning a business degree have an opportunity to use 12 elective hours to earn the Concentration in Franchising, which includes an internship. Franchising is a worldwide phenomenon that needs employees but also offers people the opportunity to own a business or multiple franchise brands. Additional information is available from Titus Center for Franchising.  To earn the Concentration in Franchising students must complete the declaration form.

Compatible Majors for this Concentration:

What can I do with this concentration?

Students can work with franchise companies in:

  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Finance
  • International business 

Concentration Details

Distinctively PBA

PBA is unique. No other university that we’re aware of offers a Concentration in Franchising. One other university offers a major in franchising. Several universities offer courses in franchising. However, Titus Center is closely aligned with the franchise community. Guest speakers, usually more than 12 per semester, develop ongoing relationships with our students and offer internships and jobs. Titus Center has a professional Advisory Board that includes more than 40 franchisors, franchisees and suppliers – most of whom take an interest in developing our students and helping them after graduation. Most of our students plan to own their own business and our Concentration prepares them for that opportunity. We also have scholarships available and will launch a loan program that will provide up to $300,000 for a student/graduate who buys a franchise. Opportunities we provide are simply not available elsewhere.


To earn the Concentration in Franchising you need to complete 12 credit hours as follows:

  1. BFR 2123 Principles of Franchising 3 Credit Hours. This course is offered online.
  2. BFR 3123 Franchise Creative Ventures 3 Credit Hours.
  3. BFR 4123 Franchise Management & Operations 3 Credit Hours.
  4. BUSV 4713 Franchise Internship 3 Credit Hours.

Use your elective hours in your degree program to complete the Concentration in Franchising. 


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