Christian Studies, B.A. (Online)

Program: Bachelors of Arts in Christian Studies (Online & Evening Hybrid)

School(s):  School of Ministry

This online or evening hybrid program provides non-traditional learners an opportunity to earn a bachelor degree in Christian thought and practice and to deepen their understanding of Scripture and Christian thought, to encourage their engagement in ethical reflection on issues arising in contemporary society, to equip them in basic disciplines of Christian discipleship and service, to develop their written and oral communication skills, to instill a commitment to be critically reflective, self-directed, life-long learners and to promote an appreciation of the multicultural environment in which students live and work.


What Can I Do With This Degree?

  • Counselor
  • Teacher/Professor
  • Missionary
  • Writer/Editor

Program Details

Distinctively PBA 

The School of Ministry is all about equipping. We equip passionate young people with the earthly tools and spiritual perspective needed to create positive change in the world guided by the Word of God. We promise a connected, engaging and fulfilling learning experience that will equip you to use your gifts for His Glory. Our programs prepare students through expert instruction in Bible, theology, history and real-world ministry skills.

As a student majoring in any of the undergraduate programs offered in the School of Ministry, you’ll wade into an ocean of diverse learning opportunities designed to prepare you to positively impact lives.

  • Gain specialized training in ministry
  • Experience spiritual growth with a deeper understanding of God and His Word
  • Practice your ministry abilities through internships, practicum experiences and field service activities
  • And travel on any of PBA’s more than 20 annual mission trips

Program Formats

The major is available in two formats: Online and Evening Hybrid.  

1 - The Online program provides an entirely online and primarily asynchronous setting for non-traditional students who are self-motivated and wish to complete their degree with the utmost flexibility in scheduling. 

Courses in the Online program are delivered electronically through the University's Learning Management System.  Students in the Online program complete all of their coursework entirely online.  Each fully online course is primarily, although not entirely, asynchronous.  Students may view lessons and complete assignments at the time of their choosing within stated course deadlines, which typically follow a weekly rhythm.  Some fully online courses also require students to remotely attend several synchronous virtual class sessions through designated technology.  Generally for each 8-week course, students can expect to attend a maximum of two or three of these live virtual meetings on designated days and times, which are published in advance.  Students commit to these online meeting days and times during the course registration process.

2 - The Evening Hybrid program enables non-traditional students, whether local to PBA or at a geographical distance from campus, to complete their B.A. degree through a combination of course modalities which maximize the opportunity for live, synchronous interactions with classmates and faculty.  Courses in the Evening Hybrid program may be available as:

  • Face-to-face courses that are taught on a PBA campus during evening class sessions, generally four hours in duration and meeting once a week.  
  • Hybrid courses that deliver some course content through the University's Learning Management System and integrate weekly evening class sessions, generally two hours in duration, that students can attend locally or remotely.
  • Online courses that deliver all course content through the University's Learning Management System.  Some online courses require two or three live, virtual class meetings, generally one hour in duration, during the term.

Students in the Evening Hybrid program cannot complete all of their coursework in the face-to-face setting; minimally it is a hybrid program.  If desired, it is possible for students to complete the Evening Hybrid program remotely; there is no residency requirement. 


Learn more about your classes and requirements in the course catalog

Our program delivers specific benefits such as:

  • 120 credit hours that consist of 45 general education, 18 B.A. Christian Studies core credits, 24 elective B.A. Christian Studies credits and 33-39 elective credits (click here to see degree requirements)
  • The ability to integrate Christian values with professional services
  • Exposure to multicultural environments
  • An emphasis on critical thinking and real-life experience
  • Enriches life through a deepening understanding of God’s Word
  • Preparing you to be a Christian servant in the marketplace, community, home and church
  • Two entry points: fall (August) and spring (January) with application deadlines of  August 1 and December 1; and accelerated courses are offered weeknight evenings at PBA’s West Palm Beach and Orlando campuses and online

Tuition & Fees

PBA awards over three million dollars in scholarships every year and 97% of PBA undergraduate students receive financial aid. 

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