What can you do with an Intercultural Studies Degree?

If you love to travel and learn about new cultures, all while sharing the love of Christ to communities around the world, a degree in intercultural studies might be a great choice for you. Learn more about this exciting program and the many career options available for intercultural studies graduates.

In an increasingly global world, understanding different cultures and social contexts is imperative for those looking to create true transformational change. An intercultural studies degree will prepare you for an exciting career in ministry, government work, community development, and other humanitarian industries. There are many exciting career paths for intercultural studies graduates.

Earn your Intercultural Studies Degree Online

Palm Beach Atlantic University offers a Bachelor of Arts in intercultural studies as well as an Online Master of Arts in intercultural studies

Earning a degree online can be a great way to boost your salary and career prospects while maintaining a busy schedule. Our flexible online formats are perfect for full time employees, stay at home parents, or students who prefer the ability to study from home. 

Careers in Intercultural Studies

Teacher (TESOL)

Graduates of intercultural studies programs can find work teaching English around the globe. Strong intercultural communications skills will allow intercultural studies graduates to thrive as language teachers.

International Missionary

Missions is a global outreach that requires humility and a high degree of intercultural awareness. An intercultural studies degree can help future missionaries understand the cultures they serve in.

International Relations Specialist

International relations specialists consult on foreign affairs and provide insight into policy decisions. International relations specialists need to have a keen understanding of many cultures and their histories.

Church staff

Many churches are diverse bodies with members from many different cultures. Graduates of intercultural studies programs who go on to work in churches will be able to help create strong church communities that celebrate all members of the church body.

Community Developer

Community developers identify the needs of local communities and use their expert knowledge of local history and culture to develop policies and interventions. Community developers will need strong communication and analytical reasoning skills.

Policy Analyst

Public policy is one of the most common ways governments attempt to intervene in, and ideally improve, societies. Policy analysts can assess the potential impact of a policy and may be alert to unforeseen consequences.

House Parent

House parents take responsibility for groups of children or young people who live in an institutional setting. House parents will benefit from the empathy and understanding gained in an intercultural studies degree.

Refugee Resettlement Specialist

War, natural disasters, and unrest can cause people around the world to become temporarily or permanently displaced. Refugee resettlement specialists advocate for refugees and help them start new lives in new communities.


Diplomats are well-known for their ability to work between multiple cultures. Diplomats will benefit from speaking multiple languages, having strong communication skills, and an understanding of international policy.

Humanitarian Aid Worker

Students looking to make a difference in the world should consider becoming humanitarian aid workers. Humanitarian aid workers go to places of extreme need and distribute vital goods such as food, water, and medical care.

Cultural Liaison

A liaison is a bridge between two individuals, groups, or parties, so a cultural liaison works in the space between cultures. Cultural liaisons need to be able to hold multiple perspectives simultaneously and communicate clearly.

Peace Corps Volunteer

Peace corps volunteers give their time and energy to work alongside locals on humanitarian projects. Peace corps volunteers will gain a wealth of intercultural experience that can enrich their perspectives on the world.

NGO Worker

Non-government organization (NGO) workers contribute to a wide range of humanitarian causes supported around the world. Earning a degree in intercultural studies can prepare students to lead intercultural teams.

Benefits of an Intercultural Studies Degree

Earning a degree in international studies can benefit graduates in any industry. One survey found that 81% of international recruiters consider cross-cultural competence and communication to be the single most important skill that applicants should have.

Benefits of Study Abroad for Intercultural Studies Majors

One of the best ways to practice intercultural studies skills is to travel to new places and experience new cultures. There are many benefits of studying abroad, including learning a new language, opening your worldview, and meeting new people. PBA’s Rinker Center for Experiential Learning offers over 30 international opportunities every year.

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If you have a passion for helping others while learning about other cultures, an intercultural studies degree might be the perfect step to starting your dream career. Contact PBA to learn more about our online master’s in intercultural studies and start your application today.