What Can You Do With a Master's in Ethics & Organizational Behavior?

Why Should I Study Ethics & Organizational Behavior?

A Master’s in Ethics and Organizational Behavior teaches you how to think critically to engage with, analyze, and solve problems that arise within a society or organization. Students will learn how to have a philosophical mindset, how to think about global issues, and how to engage with these issues in a personal way. Graduates with a Master’s in Ethics and Organizational Behavior will be pioneers in their field, paving the way for future generations to improve their community, organization, and world. 

Earn Your Ethics & Organizational Behavior Degree Online

Earning an Online Master’s in Ethics & Organizational Behavior is a great way to balance earning your degree with other commitments. The flexible online format allows students to study on their own schedule while being able to work full-time and care for their families.

Online students can choose to attend classes in person or asynchronously online, enroll full-time or part-time, and can start the program at any time of year. Students also have the flexibility to choose an area of research that aligns with their interests and career goals. 

What Can You Do With a Master's in Organizational Behavior?

Here are some possible career options for graduates with a Master’s in Ethics and Organizational Behavior.


Executive Leadership 

Executive Leadership is a highly sought-after career path. Executive leaders, sometimes referred to as the C-suite, are at the top level of an organization. They make important decisions about the business or organization and oversee all business activities. 


Senior Management

Senior Management, much like executive leadership, is responsible for making decisions that will have a significant impact on the organization and the people who work there. Senior managers are responsible for thinking ethically about the decisions being made. 


Ethics Compliance and Regulatory Affairs

Graduates with a Master’s in Ethics and Organizational Leadership will have the skills to succeed as an ethics compliance officer. Ethics and compliance specialists oversee the activities of a business or organization and ensure that no illegal or unethical activity is taking place. 


Public Policy Research

Working in public policy research involves studying ideologies, public opinion, and how political decisions are made. These professionals will often analyze elections, study the impact of public policies, and conduct public surveys. 


International Affairs

International affairs jobs include the study of other cultures, how different cultures are perceived by one another, world politics, and much more. Employees in this industry help to improve public policy, work with immigration, and meet with ambassadors from other countries. 


Humanitarian Issues

Humanitarian workers support people with extreme needs, often refugees displaced by war, communities experiencing famine, or other social issues that have led to extreme lack of basic necessities. 


Healthcare Administration

Healthcare administrators work closely with health and hospital policies, improve healthcare quality, and train employees to ensure they are well-equipped for their roles.  



Bioethics is the study of ethics within biological and medical research. A career in bioethics involves ensuring the safety of researchers and research participants, and ensuring laws and procedures are followed at all stages of research. 


Organizational Consulting

Organizational consultants are often experts in their field, offering important insights and helpful tools for leaders in organizations. 


Nonprofit and Social Justice Initiatives

Working at a nonprofit involves overseeing the fundraising and overall operations of an organization. Non-profit organizations exist to provide beneficial services to a community, rather than operating to make a profit. 


Continuing Education 

Earning a Master’s in Ethics and Organizational Behavior is a great step toward continuing your education at a PhD level. Earning a PhD can open even more doors and opportunities for research and teaching. 

What Do You Learn in an Online Master’s in Ethics and Organizational Behavior

PBA’s Online Master’s in Ethics and Organizational Behavior covers the following topics in-depth to prepare you for your career:

  • Organizational Leadership Concepts & Theory
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Biblical Leadership in Pluralistic Organizations
  • Leading Organizational Behavioral Change
  • Strategic Leadership and Planning
  • Human Resource Development
  • Philosophy of Social Science
  • History of Ethics
  • Philosophy of Moral Leadership
  • Research Thesis 

Learn More about PBA’s Online Master’s in Ethics and Organizational Behavior

PBA’s Online Master’s in Ethics and Organizational Behavior will set you apart as you apply your faith while working to make the world a better place.


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