May 4, 2024

Sarah Rossman’s Journey to Teaching Leads her to Spain

Sarah Rossman

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Journeying from Denver, Colorado, in 2020, Sarah Rossman, a triplet, embarked on an educational and spiritual journey that led her to the warm and welcoming environment of Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBA). Her discovery of PBA was serendipitous. She went to see a concert by the band Tenth Avenue North, a favorite of hers and her sisters. When the band started talking about how they met and mentioned the community they found at their alma mater, that struck a chord with Sarah.  

“That was when I first heard of PBA, and something that stuck out that I still remember from them introducing PBA was just the community they shared about,” said Sarah as her eyes lit up. The recall almost seemed to transport her back to that defining moment in her spiritual journey and career. During her senior year of high school, the world experienced lockdowns, and the need for community became even more crucial for someone as adventurous and engaging as Sarah.  

“I couldn’t really tour any schools, but I felt the Lord still putting it on my heart. I kept hearing the same things they said about community, and I was like, okay, I’m going to take a leap of faith.”  

Despite the challenges, Sarah’s resilience shone through. She explained that receiving a scholarship to pursue her degree in education at PBA made that decision a little easier. While it was challenging with her sisters choosing to attend college in Colorado, she felt the decision that ultimately led to the scholarship was a blessing as it allowed all three of them to pursue their higher education goals while lessening the family’s financial obligations. 

Embracing the Educational Path 

Sarah’s choice of teaching as a career is driven by a deep-seated passion she’s nurtured since childhood. Her experiences with a career technical course in high school, particularly with a fourth-grade ESOL class, solidified her desire to impact young lives. Despite the difficulties of the profession, Sarah remains focused on the positive influence she can have.  

“What is important to me about teaching are the children. You have to shut out all the negative things and remember why you’re there. Teaching builds a foundation for children for the rest of their lives, and that’s what changes everything else.” Sarah is resolute that even if she can positively impact three students, “That’s worth it.” 

At PBA, Sarah found an academic environment and a supportive community that encouraged her aspirations, including teaching abroad and being selected as a Fulbright semi-finalist. She is also the Outstanding Student providing the Graduate Reflection at the 10 a.. Commencement Ceremony on May 4.

 “The School of Education at PBA offered incredible support, encouraging me to apply for the Fulbright program and providing hands-on teaching experiences in various settings,” she shared.  

This supportive backdrop was crucial as Sarah navigated the complexities of entering a profession many were leaving. “You can do so much hands-on work in different environments every semester. And all the professors are very personable. They prioritize your spiritual health. They prioritize you as an individual, and that’s meant the world. So, I’m so thankful,” added Sarah. 

Looking Ahead: Faith, Madrid and Beyond 

Having completed her student teaching in Spain, Sarah is thrilled to return to Madrid this fall to teach third grade. This opportunity perfectly aligns with her mission-driven education approach and her personal faith journey. 

 “Madrid was a dream come true. I fell in love with the city and the kids,” she said.  

The decision to move abroad was challenging, especially given the distance from her family and their concerns over her career choice and financial stability. Yet, Sarah remains optimistic about the future and her role in shaping young minds. She is not waiting for the fall to enter the classroom. As a certified substitute teacher for Palm Beach County, she is already in the classroom every day.  

Sarah’s faith has been the cornerstone of her journey. Sarah’s faith has guided her choices and aspirations, from her initial encounter with the gospel at a summer camp to finding her own path in a non-believing family.  

“My faith keeps me grounded and committed to this path despite the obstacles,” Sarah explained. “I heard about Jesus at a summer camp and accepted Him, but then didn’t really know what to do. The friendships I had in middle school brought me into different discipleship groups and into serving in worship. I did that same summer camp for five years, and I loved it. It made me even more excited to be a teacher,” she said.  

Sarah’s faith is a powerful force that has shaped her journey and continues to inspire her. As Sarah prepares for her upcoming role in Madrid, she reflects on the transformative power of education and the personal fulfillment it brings. Her journey is a testament to the impact of faith, the power of community, and the enduring influence of teachers dedicated to their students’ futures. 

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