December 20, 2023

PBA Alumnus Carter Viss Triumphs in Half-Marathon Four Years After Life-Altering Accident

Carter Viss during the December 2023 marathon.

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Back in 2019, the life of Palm Beach Atlantic University alumnus Carter Viss was altered permanently after he suffered a traumatic accident while diving offshore of Breaker’s Beach in Palm Beach. The incident severed Viss’ right arm and left both of his legs severely damaged.   

 Now, exactly four years after being released from the Intensive Care Unit, Viss is not only walking again but has also participated in West Palm Beach’s Garden of Life Palm Beaches Half-Marathon on Sunday, December 10, 2023.  

 Being physically prepared for this race took time, Viss shared. His regimen to get ready to run in the half-marathon included gradual distance increases throughout his training. Progressing from three miles to five miles, to 10 miles, then eventually 13 miles (the distance of the race).  

 Viss finished the race in two hours and 55 minutes, which was a tick shy of his preliminary goal of 2:30, but he acknowledged that Sunday’s race served as a solid start that he felt “went great.”   

 He shared that the “feeling of completing [the half marathon] was amazing.”  

 Viss described this achievement as “a testament” to how he has “been able to move forward.”  

 The accident inspired him to start the Carter Viss Foundation, an organization dedicated to making experiences like his “a thing of the past” by “educating the community about the importance of following boating and diving safety protocols.” His Foundation’s motto is: “To support individuals with limb trauma resulting from boating incidents and promote safe boating and diving practices.”  

Viss said the half-marathon was “a great opportunity to spread awareness for my cause.”  

 Read about Viss’ story Learn more about and support the Carter Viss Foundation. 

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