October 15, 2019

Bryant Leads GSOP Back to her Roots


Born and raised in Belle Glade, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice Keysha Bryant drew on her deeper understanding of that community to lead Gregory School of Pharmacy faculty and students on a mission trip to that area.

The 12-member team comprised of four faculty members and eight first-year students focused their efforts on “reaching people in a way that matters most,” which made for a great learning experience.

“This mission trip was great for a P1 student because it was a great stepping stone in being exposed to our future career,” says Isabelle Serbulescu.

One of the biggest concerns in Belle Glade is the lack of medication education and trust in pharmacists, Bryant said. The team spent a large portion of their time educating residents on medication safety and the resources that are available to them. The students learned the importance of keeping patients informed about what their medication does so that nothing counteracts it.

One such opportunity occurred when the team visited a senior center. The residents were eager to receive help and asked many questions. In addition, the students also led worship, hosted a community pickup, assisted in the local food pantry, and directed activities with youngsters at a childcare facility.

While the need for healthcare education among residents in other countries is well understood, the needs of communities less than an hour’s drive from campus are often overlooked.

Bryant hopes to continue this program and increase PBA’s presence in Belle Glade in an effort to develop trust in pharmacists and increase overall medical knowledge among the residents.

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