Mathematics - Catherine T. MacArthur School

TYPE: Adjunct


The Catherine T. MacArthur School (PBA Online) is seeking adjunct faculty to teach one or more of the following online courses:  MAT 1803 Survey of Finite Mathematics, MAT 1853 College Algebra, and MAT 2003 Elementary Statistics. Demonstrates the ability to integrate Christian faith with the subject matter and teaching methods.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Online adjunct faculty are expected to: 

  • Deliver the fixed content of the course by conducting synchronous sessions (typically 2-3 per week).
  • Actively teach asynchronously by guiding course discussions, scheduling course assignments as scheduled and providing feedback as needed.
  • Communicate with students via announcements, email, Canvas inbox/messaging, and meet virtually with students, as needed.
  • Grade student work (which may include, but is not limited to assignments, quizzes, discussions, and projects) in a timely manner and in accordance with the established rubrics.
  • Perform other duties related to the administration of the course (e.g., attendance verification).

Master’s Degree with at least eighteen credit hours at the graduate level in mathematics. Ph.D. is preferred. Applicants must have a Christian commitment and ability to integrate Christian faith with the subject matter and the manner of teaching.