Humanities - Catherine T. MacArthur School

TYPE: Adjunct

The Catherine T. MacArthur School (PBA Online) is seeking adjunct faculty to teach interdisciplinary online courses in the Humanities core, including a study of art, history, literature, music, and philosophy in a Christian context and able to integrate Christian faith with the subject matter and teaching methods.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Online adjunct faculty are expected to: 

  • Deliver the fixed content of the course by conducting synchronous sessions (typically 2-3 per week).
  • Actively teach asynchronously by guiding course discussions, scheduling course assignments as scheduled and providing feedback as needed.
  • Communicate with students via announcements, email, Canvas inbox/messaging, and meet virtually with students, as needed.
  • Grade student work (which may include, but is not limited to assignments, quizzes, discussions, and projects) in a timely manner and in accordance with the established rubrics.
  • Perform other duties related to the administration of the course (e.g., attendance verification).


Master’s Degree with at least eighteen credit hours at the graduate level in art, history/political science, English/literature, or philosophy.  Applicants must have a Christian commitment and the ability to integrate Christian faith with the subject matter and the manner of teaching.