To the Friends of Dr. Waldner

What was it about your studies with Dr. Ray Waldner that were most memorable (Ah, we just saw a twinkle in your eye and a smile cross your face.) 

Dr. Ray WaldnerMaybe it was his engaged teaching?

Maybe his quick humor?

Maybe a cherished photo from your trip to the Galapagos? 

Whatever your memories are and as transformative as they may have been, now is the time for you to say THANK YOU to one of PBA’s legacy professors. 

We invite you to participate in a campaign to raise funds for the Dr. Ray Waldner Scholarship Fund recently established by two Palm Beach Atlantic University alumni who greatly admire Dr. Waldner and appreciate his influence on their lives. 

We invite you to give to this endowed scholarship fund that will make an impact on the next generation of biology students at PBA.  Will you give?  Will you give now? 

(You may make your charitable contribution in the form below.)

In addition to your gift, please share a story, thank you note or an old photo with us! We will share these with Dr. Waldner. He will treasure both the gift and your shared memories. 

What always stood out to us about Dr. Waldner was the energy and excitement he consistently brought to the classroom.  He was a master teacher, and he made learning fun. He always has possessed a unique skill in bringing practical, real-world application to the subject matter. And while we don't remember everything from every lecture, we will always remember his genuine care for us as his students and now, almost 25 years later, as a friend. 

This is why we are giving and we invite you to join us as we currently watch biology students in class, in labs and in consultation with Dr. Waldner, we reflect on his impact on our lives. 

Thank you for your consideration,

Tim Worley Signature 

Tim Worley ’94,  Vice President for Admissions

Dr. Suzanne Cardona signature 

Dr. Suzanne Cardona ’99 ,  Associate Professor, School of Arts and Sciences