Other Giving Opportunities

education students study together on campus.

Palm Beach Atlantic University exists today only because of the generosity of people who caught the vision first enunciated by Dr. Jess Moody, Dr. Donald Warren and Marshall E. Rinker, Sr. in the mid-1960s. Others have come since, and made that vision part of the mission of their lives and legacy through generous gifts to PBA.


No matter where you are in your economic journey, you’ll find an opportunity here to be part of something that is grand in its vision, yet intimate in the bonds of friendship and spirit you’ll be fostering at PBA. Your donation will aid the University now and help the student who needs a hand up next semester, while it also creates a lasting legacy that will touch future generations.

President's Giving Societies

Fellowship, Circle and Council supporters share a strong sense of purpose: championing PBA and its mission. Supporters of the President’s Fellowship, President’s Circle and President’s Council are special partners with Palm Beach Atlantic University.