Dr. Joe J. Eassa, Jr. Endowed Scholarship Fund

Eassa In November 1997, the Rinker School of Business MBA Association originated the Dr. Joe J. Eassa, Jr. MBA Endowed Scholarship. At that particular time the Association established a goal in the principal sum of $10,000 (the minimum principal sum which qualifies for a PBA endowed scholarship).

Currently our principal sum is nearly $400,000. This phenomenal growth is in large part explicitly due to outstanding and generous benefactors like yourself who regularly gift this fund. Our MBA scholarship is the largest in the namesake of a faculty member at any college or university within the State of Florida.

As of 2022 the remarkable result is that 110 qualified MBA students have received a scholarship, each one totally funded by the yield from this endowment.

The principal sum will always remain unimpaired and intact.

So that we continue to grow our scholarship assistance to qualified MBA students I respectfully ask that you now make a gift to this fund.

Indeed, I pray that you are affirmative and make your gift now.


Joe Eassa