Faculty members within the Department of Health and Human Performance have a wide net of collaborations including both on and off PBA’s campus. Research conducted by our faculty utilizes a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach in life-changing areas as cancer-related fatigue, depression, women’s health and obesity.

Current Research Projects

The following projects are current funded research studies being conducted in our laboratories.

Role of exercise training on foot forces, pressures and overall balance in subjects suffering from cancer related fatigue – Matthew J. Mitchell, Ph.D., Stephen Sylvester, D.P.T, Alison Austria), Tanner Young (Exercise Science major), Emily Headley (Exercise Science major)

Carotid artery intima-media layer thickness as an indicator of cardiovascular disease risk in college students – Nathan McBrayer (Exercise Science major), Chloe Ramdat (Exercise Science major), Matthew J. Mitchell, Ph.D.

Effect of locomotor training on balance, gait symmetry on musscle strength and fall reduction in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) – Alexis Brown (Exercise Science major), Alexis Sanquist (Exercise Science major), Tanner Young (Exercise Science major), Matthew J. Mitchell, Ph.D.

Genotype variants on depression-related behaviors and health indicies - Matthew J. Mitchell, Ph.D.