Student Film Awards

students and faculty in Cinema Arts won 200 awards for their productions. Among the 200 awards were winners in competitions such as the Telly, Festival of Media Arts and the Aurora.

On the Occasion of Apocalypse
Communicator Awards (Award of Distinction) – Aurora (Platinum) – Videographer Awards (Award of Excellence)
Written by: Renata Zarro, Directed by: Austin Parenti, Produced by Sam Rauilli


Talking to Her
Worldfest Houston (Bronze Remi) – Ava (Gold) – Aurora (Gold)
Director: David Merrill, Producer: David Merrill


Communicator Awards (Award of Distinction) – Worldfest Houston (Bronze Remi) –
Director: Tim DeMoss, Producer: Tim DeMoss


Alter Falter
Communicator Awards (Award of Excellence) – Worldfest Houston (Gold Remi) – BEA (1st) – Ava (Platinum) – Videographer Awards (Award of Distinction)
Director: Philip Kalicharan, Producer: Daniela Pareira, MaryBeth Kasselman


The Patch Up
Communicator Awards (Award of Distinction) – Ava (Platinum) – Aurora (Platinum)
Director: Austin Parenti, Producer: MaryBeth Kasselman


One Last Ride
Worldfest Houston (Gold Remi) – Ava (Honorable Mention) – Videographer Awards (Award of Excellence)
Director: David Merrill, Producer: David Merrill


More Award-Winning Student Films

  • “Subculture”: Communicator (Award of Distinction) – Hemes (Platinum) – Addy (Silver) – AVA (Platinum) – W3 (Silver) – MarCom (Platinum) – Aurora (Gold) – Videographer Awards (Award of Excellence) Director: Antonio Zarro, Producer: Cassidy Bulthuis
  • “A Boy’s Wish”: Festival of Media Arts (Award of Excellence) Director: Angel Soto, Producer: Angel Soto
  • “Collateral Damage”: Festival of Media Arts (1st Place) Director: Sam Raulli, Producer: Emily Cress
  • “Heir of the Unknown World”: Videographer Award (Award of Excellence) Director: Austin Parenti, Producer: Austin Parenti
  • “Driven: A PBA Lacrosse Story”: Festival of Media Arts (2nd Place), Telly Award (Bronze) Director and Producer: David Merrill
  • “One Last Ride: A PBA Lacrosse Story”: Festival of Media Arts (1st Place) Director: David Merrill, Producer: David Merrill
  • Other 2017-2018 Award Winners: “Round and Round”: AVA (Honorable Mention); Produced by Merrill, Parenti, Wang

  • “Together-Diet Coke”: Communicator (Award of Distinction) – Hemes (Platinum) – Aurora Awards (Platinum) – Telly (Silver) – BEA (Best of Competition) – MarCom (Gold) – Davey (Silver) Director: Andrew Ray, Producer: Jessi Baureis
  • “Men’s Basketball”: Communicator (Award of Distinction) – Hermes (Honorable Mention) – BEA (Award of Excellence) – Ava Awards (Platinum) – W3 (Silver) – MarCom (Gold) Director: Ryan Teason, Producer: Sam Raulli
  • “Newton’s Cradle”: Worldest Houston (Silver) – Telly (Siler) – BEA (2nd Place) Director: Angel Soto
  • “Walk On”: Telly (Bronze) – BEA (3rd Place) – Ava Awards (Gold) – Aurora Awards (Gold) Directors: Chris Collier & Anthony Rose, Producer: Katie Forsythe
  • “Forward”: Communicator (Award of Distinction) – Ava Awards (Honorable Mention) Director: Renata Zarro, Producer: Shayna Valesquez
  • Other 2016-2017 Award Winners:
  • Ashes to Ashes: BEA (1st Place); Written by Michaela Bajic
  • De Wallen: BEA (Award of Excellence); Written by Mary Kasselman
  • The Ghost of Gottifried: BEA (1st Place); Written by Nathan Lord
  • 34 Doors Down: BEA (3rd Place); Written by Alexandra K. Gomez
  • Adam’s Tree: BEA (2nd Place); Directed by Angel Soto and Produced by Katie Forsythe
  • Intertwined on the Coast: Aurora Awards (Gold); Written by Brent Primus

  • 2015-2016: “Adam’s Tree”, “Adidas”, “Vans”, “Heroes of Ryan Chelf”, “We Make Smiles”
  • 2014-2015: “Solitude”, “Tell Someone”
  • 2013-2014: “Armani Trinity”, “Bandaid”, “Killroy”
  • 2012-2013: “The Remnant”, “Nike (commercial)”, “The Biker”