Kobel Franchise Challenge

Interested in buying a franchise but you need “seed money”? The Titus Center’s Kobel Franchise Challenge could be your solution.

Ed and Becky Kobel of Tampa, Florida, established the Challenge with a $300,000 fund. Kobel is president and Chief Operating Officer of DeBartolo Development. He has a passion for mentoring young people in business; especially people who want to use their business to promote the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Provided by a donation from Ed and Becky Kobel, Tampa. Florida

KobelEdward M. Kobel 

President & Chief Operation and Officer  


Students of Palm Beach Atlantic University who are studying franchising at the Titus Center, and PBA graduates who have earned the Concentration in Franchising, are eligible to apply for up to $300,000 of funding from the Kobel Franchise Challenge.

“The Kobel Franchise Challenge exists to help our students and graduates become franchisees and benefit from ongoing mentoring by Mr. Kobel,” explains Dr. John P. Hayes, director of the Titus Center for Franchising. “If you submit your credentials and convince the Selection Committee to invest in you, you’ll receive up to $300,000 to get started with your own franchise.”

"The only fund of its kind to help students and graduates acquire franchise businesses." Dr. John P. Hayes, director of the Titus Center for Franchising


How To Apply

Applications are due by December 15, 2020 but you must file your Intent to Compete no later than October 15, 2020


Quick Facts 

The Challenge Selection Committee intends to select a winner, or winners, by late January 2021. Money will be available within 30 days of selecting a winner/s.  

No. If you’re a student studying franchising at Palm Beach Atlantic University, or a graduate of PBA with the Concentration in Franchising, you are eligible.

December 15, 2020. But you must file your Intent to Compete online by October 15, 2020.

Yes. Contact us at Titus_Center@pba.edu.

You can apply for any amount up to $300,000.

Yes, it’s a loan and it’s structured as a 36 month note at prime plus 4%. Includes a balloon payment at the 36th month.

PBA student studying franchising at the Titus Center or a PBA graduate who earned the Certificate in Franchising; the applicant must be willing to devote full-time to operating the franchise business; must meet U.S. Small Business Administration requirements; and contribute a minimum 10% equity injection of the loan value into the business.

Yes, so long as the franchise is eligible for SBA lending. The U.S. Small Business Administration tracks eligible franchise brands. See https://www.sba.gov/document/support-sba-franchise-directory


36 month note at prime plus 4%. Includes a balloon payment at the 36th month.

Yes. Closing costs may approximate $1,500 and can be included as part of the loan.

No. The money is loaned to a corporation that is formed in the name of the Kobel Challenge and the winner. The Kobel Challenge will hold 15% ownership in the business for a minimum of 5 years after which the franchisee can acquire the percentage. PBA’s Titus Center will hold 5% ownership in the business.

Complete the application form by Dec. 15, 2020, and the Intent to Compete form by Oct. 15, 2020. You will be required to submit a business plan by Dec. 15, 2020. Titus Center will provide guidelines for your business plan. The Kobel Challenge Selection Committee will meet in January 2021 to select a winner/s. Qualified applicants will be interviewed by the committee in January.

The committee includes Mr. Ed Kobel of DeBartolo Development; Mr. Geoff Seiber of FranFund and a member of the Titus Center Advisory Board; a member of PBA’s administration; and a second member of the Titus Center Advisory Board. Dr. John P. Hayes serves as an advisor to the committee.