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The Titus Center for Franchising, a Center of Excellence at Palm Beach Atlantic University, is dedicated to “educating the next franchise generation.” Since 2017, the center has helped students master the principles of business franchising while also providing professional education for people who want to work in franchising, buy a franchise, or franchise their business. Franchise courses at PBA are offered in-person and online for undergraduate and graduate students. Professional education is offered through live seminars and boot camps. The center’s Advisory Board provides ongoing insight, resources, and support. Many Advisory Board members speak throughout each semester, and many offer internships and scholarships.

Aaron Rose

Class of ’19, Director of Operations at ResiBrands in Round Rock, TX

“As a graduate of the Titus Center for Franchising, I can confidently say that this program has equipped me with the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career in franchising. Their comprehensive and practical education gave me a thorough understanding of the industry and its practices, from both a franchisor and franchisee perspective. In three short years after graduating, I have the privilege of serving an emerging franchising conglomerate as their Director of Operations. I can say with certainty, if you apply yourself and take advantage of the networking opportunities, world-class internships, and resources available through the Titus Center, it will catalyze your career in franchising, just as it did mine.”

Tom Pabin

Founder and President – Class 101 / Now with Unleashed Brands – A Children’s Platform Company

"The Titus Center for our emerging brand was a homebase of knowledge in our growth and learning about franchising. Thanks, Titus Center!"

Alianna Marino

Class of ’24, Major: Business Administration

“I am a raving fan of Palm Beach Atlantic University because of the opportunities the Titus Center for Franchising has offered to me. With the Titus Center of Franchising, I have been able to connect with my classmates, other successful business operators and owners, as well as my professor, at a more intense level. This has helped me develop skills outside of the classroom. Some opportunities and experiences that I have had are going to professional networking events with franchise executives, franchise conventions, symposia, and franchise company locations to gain real world and hands on experiences. These are practices that you are not prone to get at other universities.”

Carson Quinn

Class of ’24, Major: Finance

“The franchise concentration has been a blessing to my college career since day one. Through the program, I have learned everything there is to know about franchising including what defines a franchise, the meaning of the items within the Franchise Disclosure Document, the importance of the Franchise Fee, and how a franchisor operates their company for the benefit of the franchisees. Even more monumental is the exposure to private networking events, conventions, internships, and scholarships. I definitely recommend the concentration in franchising because it will boost your business life and acumen.”

Matthew Cancino

Class of ’23, Major: Management

“I cannot begin to express the effectiveness of the Concentration in Franchising and how grateful I am to have participated in it. Before crossing paths with Palm Beach Atlantic’s center for franchising I could have never imagined the incredible opportunities that franchising offers. Beyond the exceptional professional development opportunities, what truly sets the Titus Center apart is the sense of community it creates. Titus Center for Franchising is more than just an educational institution; it is a life-changing experience. To anyone considering the Titus Center for Franchising, I wholeheartedly endorse this transformative institution. Prepare to embark on a remarkable journey that will not only shape your career but also leave an indelible mark on your heart and soul.”

Alyssa Zandberg

Earned the Concentration in Franchising in 2023

“I will always promote Titus Center for Franchising. You opened doors I didn’t even know were there.”

Earn a Concentration in Franchising

All PBA students have an opportunity to use 12 elective credit hours to earn the Concentration in Franchising, which includes an internship. Franchising is a worldwide phenomenon that needs employees but also offers people the opportunity to own a business or multiple franchise brands. Additional information is available from Titus Center for Franchising.

To earn the Concentration in Franchising, students must declare the concentration in Franchising by requesting a declaration form from the Rinker School of Business Dean’s office or from the Titus Center. After completing the form, students may turn it in to the Dean’s office or the Titus Center.


All About Franchising

A Powerful Credential
Housed in PBA’s Rinker School of Business, the Titus Center will allow you to complete the necessary coursework to earn your bachelor’s degree in business with a Concentration in Franchising. For those striving for a future in business franchising, this provides a powerful credential that will set them apart.
Titus Center for Franchising
Respected Worldwide
The Titus Center is led by Dr. John P. Hayes, CFE, who brings decades of experience in franchising and speaks on the subject at expos and conferences around the world. National as well as international franchise leaders come to PBA to speak to students and participate in seminars and boot camps. These leaders provide valuable insights that help shape a student’s future in business.
Opportunities for Students
PBA students can earn their degree in almost any subject while also earning the Concentration in Franchising. The concentration requires students to complete a franchise internship which provides extensive real-world insights and hands-on training. The concentration prepares graduates both for employment in the franchise community and for buying a franchise. Franchise companies worldwide recruit Titus Center graduates for employment and investment opportunities. The center will also offer an on-line certificate program for professional students worldwide.

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