Christian Community Development Major

School of Ministry

This major provides students with the knowledge, skills, and character for understanding theories of Christian Community Development and developing methods of qualitative investigation and strategies for community transformation. This major equips students primarily in three areas: 1. Understanding and defining Christian Community Development, 2. Understanding culture through engagement of Intercultural Studies, and 3. Exposure to methods of qualitive research. 

Students with a CCD major can find work in community development, international development, community outreach, social ministry, international missions, and other capacities. Students will be able to serve in the local church, non-profit organizations, NGOs, mission organizations, and a variety of other settings.  

Learning Outcomes

  1. The successful student in this course will be able to: 
    Assess and evaluate the historical and biblical foundations of Christian community development with attention on the place of the local church as a prophetic witness for transformation. 
  2. Assess and evaluate different social justice traditions throughout the history of the church (early monasticism, attempts at Reformation, black church, Latin American and Latinx church, social gospel movement, etc.) and how they have confronted social economic disparities and structural racism.
  3. Articulate the complexities of different models of community development (Perkins: relocation, reconciliation, and redistribution; Green and Haines: Self-Help, Technical Assistance, Conflict)
  4. Articulate the principles of Christian community development.
  5. Apply qualitive research skills in an introductory assessment of a neighborhood, producing an asset and needs assessment.
  6. Articulate and assess a call to ministry and Christian Community development.