How to Earn a Degree Online | Online Learning Benefits & FAQs

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While distance learning has been around for decades, online degree programs have become more popular in recent years.

Students exploring online programs often have important questions about the pros and cons of online study as they weigh their options.

Learn more about the benefits of studying online and get answers to common questions about class formats, assessments, and degree completion time.

Why Should I Consider an Online Bachelor’s Degree?

Earning a degree online has several key benefits when compared with traditional in-person learning. 

Traveling to campus and attending in-person classes can be difficult for non-traditional students who may have full-time jobs or families to care for. Online study can accommodate the needs of a wider range of students and enable flexible scheduling. The ability to study at any time and place allows online students to earn a degree more efficiently.

Studies show that bachelor’s degrees offer the same job security and long-term income regardless of whether the degree was earned in person or online.

How to Earn a Degree Online

Earning a degree online can help you reach your goals, here are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Decide what Degree you Want to Earn

The first step to earning a degree online is deciding what degree you’d like to earn. Consider your career goals and what degree would be best to reach those goals.

Step2: Choose an Accredited College/University

Find a college or university that offers an online degree in your area of interest. It is always best to earn a degree from an accredited institution.

Step 3: Apply & Begin Enrollment Process

After you’ve chosen the school, start the application and enrollment process. Applying for an online degree program often involves submitting an online application, your high school or college transcripts, and sometimes an essay.

Step 4: Complete Course Requirements

Once you’ve enrolled in your online degree program, complete all of the course requirements.

Step 5: Graduate & Start your Career

After completing the degree requirements, you can celebrate gaining an important qualification and start your career.

What are the Benefits of Online Bachelor’s Degrees?

Here are some of the biggest benefits to earning a degree online.

Save Money

Earning a degree online can save money in many ways. Online students do not have costs associated with commuting and living on campus. Online degrees often have a lower rate of tuition than in-person degree programs. 

At Palm Beach Atlantic University, online tuition costs $400 per credit hour. This can be reduced by applying for financial aid. In fact, some online students may be eligible to earn their degree for free thanks to federal and state grants!

Earn your Degree Faster

Online degrees typically take less time to complete than a traditional degree. Students can enroll in accelerated classes or take more credits to complete their degree quicker. PBA’s online classes last only eight weeks, allowing students to progress through the coursework efficiently.

Transfer credits, certificates, licenses, and even work experience can be applied toward the credits needed to graduate.

Better School-Life Balance

Online classes are formatted for working and busy students. Classes do not have a set time so students can study at any time that fits their schedule, and from anywhere. 

Online classes give students the flexibility needed to balance other commitments while having access to the same academic support as in person students. 

Assessments for online degrees will vary depending on the course, but exams are often completed online through an approved assessment platform.

Comfortable Learning Environment

Studying in an online format provides a unique opportunity for students to study exactly how they want to. Whether you prefer to work silently at home or cozy up at a coffee shop, the choice is completely yours.

Academic and Career Support

Online students have the same access to academic and career support services as in-person students. These services provide students with mentorship opportunities and interview experience.

Many universities offer online tutoring support for students earning a degree online to ensure they have everything they need to succeed.

Time Management Skills

Earning a degree online requires excellent time management. Students will learn to be committed to their goals and practice internal motivation.

Career Advancement

Earning a degree online can help you reach your career goals and qualify you for leadership positions. Whether you are studying business, psychology, or nursing, earning an online degree will show employers that you are dedicated to reaching your goals.


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Online bachelor’s degrees are designed to meet the same standards as their in-person equivalent. A degree in an online format will be the same level of difficulty as the same degree in a traditional format. 

The perceived difficulty of an online bachelor’s degree will vary based on each student’s educational background and unique skills and interests. It is typical for students to experience some level of difficulty at some point in a college degree but these experiences are often crucial to learning and development. Selecting an online program with strong student support services will ensure that students get the help they need at each step of the learning process.

Choose a program that offers accelerated courses and accepts transfer credits. At Palm Beach Atlantic University, online classes can be completed in 8 weeks, allowing students to study quickly and efficiently, often shortening the time to graduation.

Yes, it is possible to earn an online degree for free! At Palm Beach Atlantic University, some Florida residents may be able to completely cover the cost of tuition with state and federal grants. Online students can still apply for financial aid to lower the cost of their degree.


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