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2019-2020 Revenue Sources

Finance, Administration and Planning

Business Office: Updated the University’s fixed asset policy. Reviewed the chart of accounts to increase financial reporting capabilities and worked with Human Resources to establish better fringe benefit recording for upcoming fiscal year. Successfully distributed $1.18 million in CARES funding from the Federal Department of Education to students as a result of the COVID pandemic.

Financial Aid: Awarded 4,294 students and disbursed $81 million in scholarships, loans and grants from federal, state, private and institutional sources. The University’s partnerships with I3 Group, along with the efforts of the Financial Aid staff, continue to provide a positive return on investment as shown on the three-year draft Cohort Default Rate (CDR). The University’s CDR for the 2016 cohort was only 3.6 percent, compared to the national average of 10.1 percent. 

Campus Information Services (CIS): Implemented Office 365 campus-wide for faculty and staff. Continued heightened focus on cybersecurity initiatives to protect campus users and sensitive data from compromise. Distributed monthly S.A.F.E (Security Awareness for Everyone) email communications on general PBA cybersecurity resources, phishing avoidance measures, physical security best practices, summer travel security recommendations and information security and privacy practices.

Upgraded streaming technology, touch-interactive surfaces and remote management systems. Notable completed projects include Zoom video conferencing implementation and upgrades to the DeSantis Chapel audio visual technology, the MacArthur classroom technology and the Helen K. Persson Hall audio visual technology.

Upgraded campus digital signage infrastructure. All 17 campus digital signs now operate on a network-connected, centrally managed platform that greatly enhances content manager capabilities. The new digital signage software allows for more detailed and high definition content delivery (4K) and expanded options including weather, RSS, social media content and streaming video. The updated platform enhances the University’s ability to distribute emergency messaging. Campus Safety & Security has the ability to leverage the system to facilitate mass notification needs.

Completed a major upgrade to the campus ERP system, Jenzabar. The upgrade saw the creation of new virtual server resources, reprogramming of over 25 custom built software integrations and a complete overhaul of the website. As the primary enterprise resource management tool for the University, this upgrade ensures platform stability and resiliency as PBA continues to leverage Jenzabar resources

Facilities Management: The Fraser Dining Hall was renovated over summer 2020, to include a complete redesign with an open concept kitchen and new equipment. There is a separate allergy-free kitchen, bakery and breakfast area in addition to the regular food service areas. A coffee shop will open soon in the Student Center area as well.


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