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Welcome! You’ve picked a wonderful time to be learning more about Palm Beach Atlantic University.

We’ve added exciting new degree programs and hired more faith-filled, highly qualified faculty.

I’m eager for you to learn about us, but more importantly, I invite you to visit our beautiful campus in this tropical paradise and thriving business and cultural district of West Palm Beach. Come and see for yourself how Palm Beach Atlantic University is growing to become the Heart and Soul of the Palm Beaches.

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Fellowship, Circle and Council members share a strong sense of purpose: supporting PBA and its mission. The members of the President’s Fellowship, President’s Circle and President’s Council are special partners with Palm Beach Atlantic University. They are a sounding board for the President and assist in processing plans to ensure a strong future for the University. All three groups enjoy warm fellowship with like-minded individuals who share their passion for PBA’s mission. We invite you to become a founding member of PBA’s inaugural President’s Fellowship, Circle or Council.

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