Institutional Review Board Videos

IRB-1 An Introduction to the IRB and Human Subjects Research at Palm Beach Atlantic University

This video provides an introduction to the IRB process at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Here, you will learn the basics associated with the approval of your research project at our university, including the submission process and relevant contact information.

IRB-2 The 3 Levels of Review Associated with the IRB

This video provides an overview of the three levels of review that is associated with all applications to conduct research with human subjects. Each level of review is briefly discussed, with examples and what is required to successfully navigate the process. The categories of Exempt research are also considered.

IRB-3 The Recruitment of Research Participants

This video centers on a discussion of the appropriate strategies for recruiting subjects for a research project. Screening procedures are also discussed.

IRB-4 Subject Informed Consent and Assent

This video provides information about the recruitment of research subjects, which is described in more detail in the IRB Application Guidelines. Issues of confidentiality and anonymity considered. The importance of Informed Consent, the role of Assent for children or those who are under the supervision of a caregiver are discussed. Finally, the inclusion of the appropriate language including the need for verified translations is briefly addressed.

IRB-5 Research Methodology and Procedures

This video provides a brief discussion about the research methodology and procedures used for research involving human subjects. In order to successfully gain IRB approval, necessary detail is required. This is discussed as is such issues as video and audio recording, and record keeping.

IRB-6 The Consideration of Risks to Human Subjects and Risk Reduction

This video will provide information about the assessment of risk in research involving human subjects, as well as managing risk. The IRB will review the descriptions provided in the submitted protocol about any identified risks associated with the research and the safeguards the investigator(s) plan to put in place to minimize those risks.