December 15, 2023

Unveiling Truth: The Journalism Program at Palm Beach Atlantic University

students from PBA's journalism program, with the largest incoming enrollment

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Journalism is defined as “the activity or profession of writing for newspapers, magazines, or news websites or preparing news to be broadcast.” at Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBA), students in the journalism program who pursue this field learn how to do just that through in-depth, hands-on courses.

PBA’s journalism program is nestled comfortably between the sports broadcasting and communications majors. Those vying for a journalism major will rack up 40 to 44 credit hours, while those who pursue it as their minor will need to earn a solid 24 hours.

Currently, 21 potential reporters, writers and newscasters are enrolled in the four-year program, taking courses such as Introduction to Media, Interpersonal Communications and Communication Ethics.

Journalism students write for PBA’s student-contributed news website, “The Beacon Today,” which is home to published pieces with topics ranging from sports and local happenings to current events and global politics. The wide variety of articles featured in The Beacon embodies the publication’s motto of “act locally, think globally.”

True, unbiased journalism is a rare practice today. However, this decline does not diminish the public’s need to understand what transpires in the world around them and how these events could affect their everyday lives.

Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication, Journalism, and Public Relations, Jiehua Zhang, recognizes this need for truthful reporting, “Democracy needs journalism to inform its citizens with accurate information, and to hold institutions and individuals in power accountable.”

At PBA, truth is pursued above all things. Studying journalism is one of the many ways that students hone their gifts and explore their interests in a manner that will benefit their future occupation, and that is honoring to God.

To learn more about PBA’s journalism program, visit: Journalism, B.A. | Palm Beach Atlantic University (

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