October 15, 2019

University Honors Top Student Athletes

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The Athletic Department hosted its annual awards banquet Sunday afternoon at the West Palm Beach Improv. The day celebrated the best and brightest from PBA athletics and served as a culmination to the past year, highlighting accomplishments both on the field and in the classroom.

In addition, the annual Chi Alpha Sigma honors were bestowed on a select group of high academic achievers as new and returning members were inducted into the collegiate society. In order to be inducted a student athlete must maintain 3.4 or higher cumulative grade-point average throughout their junior and senior years. New members received a pin of recognition while returning members received a chord to wear at graduation.

The Sailfish Athletic Department annually hands out 18 awards, one each for a male and female student athlete in nine categories.

Below are the nominees and winners of each award.

Athlete of the Year: Awarded to the male and female student-athletes who are considered the top performers at the University.

Winners: Juan Sanchez (Men’s Soccer) and Molly Burkhardt (Volleyball)

Finalists: Magnolia West (Softball), Grace Bartlinski (Women’s Lacrosse), Jonika Garvin (Women’s Basketball), Danny Tufariello (Baseball), Philipp Hoffmann (Men’s Tennis), Bakari Warthen (Men’s Basketball)

Other Nominees: Jewel Jorgensen (Women’s Golf), Martin Westerlund (Men’s Golf)

President’s Award: Awarded to a male and female student-athlete with outstanding academic achievements while contributing to their team’s athletic success.

Winners: Magnolia West (Softball) and Pietro de Silva (Men’s Tennis)

Finalists: Chanel Nassir (Women’s Lacrosse), Taylor Sukmana (Women’s Golf), Kylee Rullo (Women’s Soccer), Alex Aken (Men’s Lacrosse), Lance Fry (Baseball), Malek Barber (Men’s Basketball)

Other Nominees: Grant Horvat (Men’s Golf), Patrick Seuffert (Men’s Soccer), Yulia Russu (Women’s Tennis), Ally Smith (Volleyball)

Athletic Director’s Award: Awarded to a male and female student-athlete who has exemplified the Christian values on and off the field of competition along with upholding the academic and athletic standards of the Palm Beach Atlantic University Athletics Department.

Winners: Riley Herold (Baseball) and Sophie Hoekstra (Volleyball)

Finalists: Ben Savick (Men’s Lacrosse), Carlos Meneses (Men’s Tennis), Claudio Rivadeneira (Men’s Soccer), Alex Dowd (Women’s Golf), Kianna Magner, (Women’s Soccer), Abbey Busby (Softball)

Other Nominees: Taylor Sukmana (Women’s Golf), Grayson Beemus (Women’s Lacrosse), Bakari Warthen (Men’s Basketball)

Clark Boetel Award: Awarded to a male and female student-athlete who represents the University with outstanding attitude, leadership and servant-hood.

Winners: Elliott Barker (Men’s Soccer) and Aniyah Ross (Women’s Basketball)

Finalists: Eli Bottenfield (Baseball), Joshua Reed (Men’s Cross Country/Track), Michael Stones (Men’s Basketball), Hayley Haas (Softball), Carrie Jones (Women’s Soccer), Molly Burkhardt (Volleyball)

Other Nominees: Estefani Fernandez (Women’s Tennis), Emily Valentine (Women’s Golf), Julia del Carmen (Women’s Lacrosse)

Don Harp Award: Awarded to a male and female student-athlete who is a rising senior who has excelled in competition and demonstrated outstanding Christian leadership.

Winners: Kianna Magner (Women’s Soccer) and Malek Barber (Men’s Basketball)

Finalists: Hannah Carlton (Softball), Lyndzey Minter (Volleyball), Chanel Nassir (Women’s Lacrosse), Philipp Hoffmann (Men’s Tennis), Elliott Barker (Men’s Soccer)

Other Nominees: Taylor Sukmana (Women’s Golf), Aniyah Ross (Women’s Basketball)

Gary Carter Award: Awarded to a male and female student-athlete that has a love and respect for the game, plays with enthusiasm and heart and is a good role model on and off the field or court. Must have credible statistics.

Winners: Maddie Biggs (Softball), Jennie Anderson (Volleyball), Orsen Josephina (Baseball), and Ty Fisher (Men’s Cross Country/Track)

Finalists: Cami Rickenbach (Women’s Cross Country/Track), Kate LeBlanc (Women’s Lacrosse), Jules Jasmin (Men’s Basketball), Juan Pablo Puelma (Men’s Soccer)

Other Nominees: Carlos Niemeyer (Men’s Tennis), Vanessa Buchbinder (Women’s Tennis), Carrie Jones (Women’s Soccer)

Newcomer of the Year: Awarded to a male and female student-athlete who performs at a high-level and makes a sizeable impact for their team as a first-year player.

Winners: Gunner Gebelien (Men’s Lacrosse) and Jonika Garvin (Women’s Basketball)

Finalists: Martin Westerlund (Men’s Golf), Brandon Seltzer (Baseball), Jack Burrows (Men’s Soccer), Katherine Budnovich (Softball), Jewel Jorgensen (Women’s Golf), Amber Rowoldt (Volleyball), Kiki Cinotti (Women’s Lacrosse)

Other Nominees: Umberto Rosi (Men’s Tennis), Tyler Ketcham (Men’s Cross Country/Track)

Strength and Conditioning Award: Given to a male and female student-athlete who increases or improves their physical fitness through a high commitment level and hard work.

Winners: Chanel Nassir (Women’s Lacrosse) and Matthew Johnson (Men’s Basketball)

Workship Award:

Winners: Julia del Carmen (Women’s Lacrosse) and Jon Paul Ogle (Men’s Cross Country/Track)

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