July 30, 2020

University Establishes Dr. Terriel Byrd Scholarship Fund

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Palm Beach Atlantic has established a scholarship for students of color. The scholarship is named in honor of beloved faculty member Dr. Terriel Byrd, professor of urban Christian ministry.

Byrd is also coordinator of the evening ministry program. His scholarly work focuses on the theme of Christian unity. His writings examine racial separation in worship and interpret the voice and message of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for modern audiences. In 2007, the University honored Byrd with the Charles and Hazel Corts Award for Outstanding Teaching.

Images of violence against people of color have motivated many Christians to action. While meaningful dialogue has fostered understanding of existing inequality, Christians are compelled to do more to support those lacking access to the economic advantages that a private, faith-based college education can provide.

Your gift to The Dr. Terriel Byrd Scholarship underwrites a transformative PBA education for students of color. The renewable, four-year scholarship applies to tuition and room and board, providing students with opportunities to immerse themselves in their studies without financial hardship.

Please prayerfully consider making a gift to build the scholarship fund. The scholarship expands student access to Palm Beach Atlantic, equipping graduates to be resilient servant leaders. Alumni are fearless in faith and adventurers who positively change the world.

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