November 21, 2022

‘Passion for Learning’ Leads Politics Major to John Jay Fellowship

Miriam Edele

PBA News

Politics major Miriam Edele, of Franklin, Vermont, has been selected for the John Jay Fellowship for Spring 2023.

The John Jay Fellowship, named for one of the framers of the Constitution, strives to produce “well-rounded students going into the political field with Christian faith and a foundation of the history of America,” said Edele. Twelve graduating students are selected as John Jay fellows each semester. The fellowship prepares its members to enter the world with an understanding of faith and values, she said.

Selected students travel to Langhorne, Pennsylvania, only a 30-minute drive from Philadelphia, to live in community with each other for the semester. Fellows have three hours of daily discussion, weekly trips to see historical places in America, and an internship following the fellowship to launch their career. Edele said the fellowship hopes to “lay the foundation for students to make a positive difference in the world.”

Miriam Edele is excited about the fellowship because she has “a passion for learning and asking the big questions,” she said. The hours of discussion with other students gives her the opportunity to “ask those difficult questions and find answers in the Bible.”

After completing her time at the fellowship, Miriam Edele plans to intern with Samaritan’s Purse. The John Jay Fellowship connects fellows with internships to prepare them for their careers. They promote having an internship that will build on the foundation you laid in the program. Edele has been interested in working with Samaritan’s Purse, and the fellowship will help her obtain that position.


Photo: Miriam Edele


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