October 13, 2022

Missionary Pastor Challenges Students to ‘See What God Can Do’

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Missionary Pastor Robert Herber concluded Missions Emphasis Week by challenging students: Do you understand that you have the power of God inside of you?

Herber, pastor of All Peoples Church in California, spoke at Global Night of Worship where students praised God through music led by Anchor, PBA’s student-led worship team, and learned about upcoming PBA mission trips.

Herber talked about the power of God inside each student and shared stories about miracles he had witnessed first-hand. Herber discussed the life transformation that comes from serving other nations. He told the students to make themselves available to God and said they just needed to be “a willing vessel.”

Herber encouraged the students to consider serving on a trip, even if they did not feel ready. He said, “You don’t have to be the best speaker, the best singer, the boldest or the loudest.” Herber explained that when he first saw God work in miraculous ways, “I wasn’t some well-equipped missionary, I was just a young person,” he said. His advice to the students was, “when you go overseas, just make friends.”

He told the students to serve others and said, “see what God can do when you give Him a chance.”

Following the night of worship, students had the opportunity to sign up and learn more about the trips from each trip’s two co-leaders. PBA students will travel to Arizona, Brazil, Portugal, Colombia, Costa Rica, East Asia, Guyana, South Africa, Hungary, Peru, Greece and multiple other countries. The co-leaders manned tables on the Rinker Green with snacks, music and pictures representing the different countries.

Senior student Autumn Nudd is co-leading the mission trip to Brazil. She went on the trip last year and felt called to continue to serve the people she had met. Nudd traveled back to Brazil over the summer and plans to spend time serving there after graduation. “I want to help other students experience what I did that changed my life,” she said.

Photo: Students sang in worship and heard a thought-provoking message from Pastor Robert Herber to conclude Missions Emphasis Week with Global Night of Worship.

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